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photo of kids at the beach

There’s a woman in my Inner Circle coaching group named Emily Swindell and she owns Creatives Online Academy. I was aware that she did amazing wallpaper murals where she would turn a photo into wallpaper. And before we got little miss Ari, this had always been one of my favorite photos of my children. It was taken in 2011 when we went to Destin for my 40th birthday. I just thought that would be a fun photo in our house, especially since it contains the bright blue, aka, the #AllwoodFamilyPowerColor.

So, I sent Emily the photo to make into wallpaper. wallpaper mural strip

And it’s so cool because they actually make it into 3 strips for the wall. Once we had the wallpaper from Emily, we called our favorite wallpaper person, Pam Elkins, who owns Pam’s Papering in Lee Summit. Pam also did the wallpaper in our powder bath and our craft room.

We had Pam apply the wallpaper at the bottom of the stairs, going down to the basement.

wallpaper mural of kids

We hung this pretty gold chandelier from HERE in front of the wallpaper. And you know how much I love GOLD accents!!!

This wallpaper mural is just one of those things where you’re walking from the entryway into any other part of the house, you catch a little glimpse of it. It makes me happy every time.

wallpaper mural of kids

I also love it because the wallpaper leads down to the basement which will be a total hang out area for the kids all summer. You can read about the basement remodel HERE!

This is what the area looked like BEFORE….

stair walkway with buffet table and picture frames

And here’s what it looks like AFTER! Such a fun improvement!!!!

wallpaper mural of kids and modern spindles


So, now we run into an interesting dilemma since we have Ari, our bonus kiddo. Emily’s idea is that we use the half wall off to the side to photoshop Ari into the photo. I’m soooo stinkin’ excited about that and I’ll have to keep you posted on how it turns out! Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Check out the blog post on our new modern spindles HERE and our mock croc stair carpet HERE!

You can pin this on Pinterest if you love it too!

Kids Photo on a Big Wallpaper Mural Leading Down the Stairs


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