For any of you who are thinking about selling your goods in a craft show, flea market or vendor booth mall, I have a creative biz owner who is willing to tell us ALLLL the secrets to putting on a good show and getting more sales. Nell Stortz runs a six-figure creative business by attending 20-30 shows a year across the state of Texas and and other locations. She’s here to share all her secrets in how to make a show successful and worth your time … including how to tell if it’s a good show and worth your time, what you should be aiming for in your profit goals, how much inventory to bring, how to set up your booth and how to keep your customer relationships going long after you’ve packed up!!! Even if you already attend trade shows and vendor booths and feel successful, Nell shares some great nuggets that will help you with your return on investment!

My Guest

Nell Stortz

McKinney, Texas
Instagram: @anumberofthings
Facebook: @anumberofthings1
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The Booth Conference, Jan 23-24, 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee. More Info on Facebook: @boothcon

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