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For any of you who are thinking about selling your goods in a craft show, flea market or vendor booth mall, I have a creative biz owner who is willing to tell us ALLLL the secrets to putting on a good show and getting more sales. Nell Stortz runs a six-figure creative business by attending 20-30 shows a year across the state of Texas and and other locations. She’s here to share all her secrets in how to make a show successful and worth your time … including how to tell if it’s a good show and worth your time, what you should be aiming for in your profit goals, how much inventory to bring, how to set up your booth and how to keep your customer relationships going long after you’ve packed up!!! Even if you already attend trade shows and vendor booths and feel successful, Nell shares some great nuggets that will help you with your return on investment!

My Guest

Nell Stortz

McKinney, Texas
Instagram: @anumberofthings
Facebook: @anumberofthings1
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The Booth Conference, Jan 23-24, 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee. More Info on Facebook: @boothcon

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  • Connie Dennis says:

    I am never left empty everytime I listen I’m filled with more knowledge and understanding or insight from others. Jennifer keeps it really and no matter what’s going on I listen to her pod cast and
    read her blogg on my daily and weekly basis she is definitely become an influence on my creative life thank you for all you give.

  • Janice Gouin says:

    Thank you for this information ladies, Holy Spirit led me to you because I am just starting out and have a church Octoberfest craft show I’m doing and great advice.

  • Amanda Garza says:

    Does Nell Stortz only do shows indoors? I have done several shows, but when outdoors usually my booth would get destroyed by the weather! I’ve been blown away by the wind, flooded by the rain, have had dripping sweat in the heat, and even had my car break down while at an out of town show. What does she recommend? Indoors only? The weather is so unpredictable! Ugh… just wanted some advice on that. Thank you 😊

  • Love, love this podcast! I’m a new follower that came across a post of you talking about “getting still and listening to God for answers”. I had no clue who you were or what you did! Loved the post and soon found your podcast with Nell. Whaaaat!!? I’m a new girl boss with my own business Coop de Steel Design Co. and this podcast was exactly what I needed as inspiration and know how with my shows and my booth in a tiny antiques store in Mebane, NC . I feel that your post about listening to God brought us together! I’m so glad❤️ Nice to “meet” you!
    Imagine my surprise, as well, when I listened to you and Nell to the end of this podcast to your 3quick questions… my daughter’s name IS Ainsley – she turned 24 in July.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!
    Cyndi Darnell

  • Andi Neubich says:

    Do you have any photos of your booth set up?

  • Mary Harper says:

    Great information ladies. I’ve done two shows so far and this advice helped me rethink the one I have coming in two weeks. Holiday Mart in KC is next! Thanks again for al the words of wisdom!!

  • Mary Yarnell says:

    This was amazing! It really made me look at my business differently!

  • Debbie says:

    Thanks Jennifer and Nell I do craft shows here in Australia and I believe we are always learning. Signage is my biggest thing so many customers or potential customers don’t like to ask questions so uping my signs does help

  • Diane Egbert says:

    This was a very helpful podcast for those willing to do the work to make your booth fantastic! I have done a lot of shows and her advice is spot on. One thing that she briefly mentioned was she has 3 booth spots. I have found that even if you need to go in with someone else 2-3 booths is sooo much better. It gives the space for people to come in and not feel pressured to either buy or move quickly out of the way of others. They can spend more time looking, possibly touching and hopefully buying. Thanks for sharing!

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