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living room

We’ve had so many questions about the huge “A” marquee light that I showed in the reveal of our rusty tin valance project.  That “A” is literally one of my favorite things in our house!  At night, it glows like jewelry in the room!  And it’s such a whimsical mix next to that tin on that valance.  I love it!



marquee letter before

We found the industrial sized letter at a garage sale last year,… when our baby girl was littler  (but still full of sass) and our house was up for sale.  So unfortunately, it went into storage until we took our house back off the market.  Then I enlisted Mr. Magic to do some work on it for me.


I recorded this video on YouTube one Sunday.  A Sunday when I wore no makeup and did not brush my hair.  A Sunday when I knew what I wanted the “A” to look like, but I just didn’t know what tools to use to get it there.  Thankfully, Jason did!



marquee light drilling holes

I took a marker and marked all of the places I wanted light bulbs at on the metal.  I could have measured, but I am allergic to perfection… so I eyeballed it.  It’s always more fun rolling the dice like that anyway!  Lol. Mr Magic used some sort of 1″ round drill bit to make the big holes.  It was rather impressive really!


marquee lights for letter

I was going then going store to store looking for the lights to go in it. Since it was early spring and the holidays were over, I just could not find any (I’ve heard they are at Target and Hobby Lobby and Lowes during the holidays and patio season).  So I put a plea for help on my Magic Brush Facebook page and one of my lovely fans, Terri Bourne, who lives only about 5 miles away….. offered me a box of her lights.  Is that love or what??  Much love to her for coming to our rescue!!!



marquee light back

We fed the lights thru the holes Mr Magic drilled. The holes are smaller than the bulbs, so you have to remove every bulb, put it in the hole, then screw the light back in.  Whatever you do, don’t look at the back of this project.  It looks like it belongs on the TV show “Botched”. lol. It’s a hot mess!  We had to use electrical tape to try to keep the cord under control.   Because there is so much cord, it doesn’t want to lay completely flat to the wall, so we had to hang it in a spot where you couldn’t see behind it from the side unless you were standing on your head in a corner.  And I only do that on occasion, so I think we are safe.



living room

And I’m kind of obsessed with where it is hanging at!  The perfect sparkle in my room!

So, if you spot one of these oversized letters at an antique store or sale of some kind…..snatch it up!  They are such a fun addition to any room!  And they don’t have to be lit up.  You could easily just spray paint one and hang it!

Blessings and happy painting,


PS. If you are on a computer, I’d love for you to pin any of these pictures to Pinterest…. just hover your mouse over the pic.  Or, stay tuned.  It will be pinned to my Pinterest account soon!

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