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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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A typical brain with the left side depicting an analytical structured and logical mind and the right side depicting a scattered creative and colorful side on an isolated background


Dear creative person:

I have the honor of meeting so many of you on my Facebook page every day.  I have a ton of you creative entrepreneurs in my mentorship class and I know you.  I get you.  I AM you.  I understand how your mind works.

And I gotta tell you something that I hope will give many of you freedom.  There is no need for you to feel guilty about having 10 projects half-completed around your house.  So many of you hang your heads in shame over this and you gotta STOP! That is how you were made!  That is how you were wired!  You were made to dream up one fantabulous idea and then another grand idea and then another and another. And there is only sooooo much you can execute at any given time.  And there is only sooooo much you can complete before other big, beautiful idea for a different project invades your amazing, creative mind. You never quit thinking of ideas! This is normal for a creative!

So here is the deal. You will continue to work on a project as long as you feel INSPIRED.  But if your inspiration dwindles, you lose interest and want to start something else because you never run out of ideas. Be grateful for that! Do you know how many non-creative people don’t even HAVE ideas? Ideas are a blessing!  Ideas are a gift!

The worst thing you can try to do is try to force creativity when you are uninspired. The best thing you can do is walk away from it, do something else and come back later when you are inspired again. FORCING creativity will never feel right to you. There will always be something a little off about your project. You won’t love it. So wait. Leave it. Start something else. Return later.

Or then again, maybe don’t return later. You may never want to pick back up on that half done project again. And don’t feel bad about it! if that is the case! If you gave it a shot and the project no longer has a place in your heart, then let it die respectfully with a half-done death. That’s better than trying to convince yourself that you love it. You can fool others, but you can’t fool your creative soul.

Sure, we need to be disciplined and when its a commissioned project, it’s gotta get finished.  But we creatives needs to start working with the way we were designed instead of working against it.

So, you are not OCD.

You are not flaky.

You are not unable to be a finisher.

You are a creative.  You are full of ideas and passion and heart. So quit feeling bad that some things just aren’t worth finishing right this second.

Embrace your 1/2 done mess and do not apologize for it.

Your creative mind is a beautiful thing.


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