Episode 119: How to Make Money on YouTube with Sean Cannell

Sean Cannell is a YouTube expert, and this week he is giving us all the inside information on how to make money on YouTube. Everything from the requirements to start running ads, to the priority of the analytics, we talked about it all!  He also shares his 3-step strategy for setting up a solid YouTube […]

Episode 117: 5 Things to Know Before You Host Your First Conference

If you are thinking about hosting a conference or any kind of live event or even if this is a far-in-the-future goal, settle in and get ready to take some notes! In the time since I hosted my first conference just a few weeks ago, I have done a lot of reflecting and processing. In […]

Episode 116: Working with Your Spouse: One Year in with Jason Allwood

Mr. Magic and I have been working at home together for a little over a year so we decided now would be a great time to give you guys an update on how it’s going. Working with your spouse can be complicated and hard, but it can also be pretty stinkin’ awesome. We share the […]

Episode 115: How to Get the Best Sleep and Why It’s So Important with Samantha Day

Getting good, restful sleep is not only super important for the happiness in our home, but also for the success in our business. Samantha Day is a sleep expert and she is sharing with us all the things about sleep. We talk about topics like how much sleep we need, how to help everyone in […]