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One of my goals as a human is to help women move forward in life and grow their businesses. One thing I know to be true is that so often there is just one piece of the puzzle holding us back from the next step. AND getting that puzzle piece can often times unlock a whole new level. My hope is that answering your questions will help you get over the hump and on to the next level, and that even if I don’t answer your question, you find value in listening to the Q&A session! This week I am discussing everything from LinkedIn to email open rates to turning a ministry into a business so push play!!!

Show Notes

Here are some of the topics I covered when answering questions this week:

  • LinkedIn – Lewis Howes – Great resource for how to use LinkedIn
  • Facebook Engagement – The Power of Facebook Live, use ads, create awesome content that people want to SHARE for organic growth,
  • Email open rates – Be consistent, work on your subject lines, research latest stats on best times to send
  • Planner and time blocking – Do what works best for you!
  • Hiring help – Do what is the best use of your time and hire out the rest (even if it is stuff you can).
  • Evergreen course – Open all the time vs open a few times a year – both have their place.
  • Turn a ministry into a business – Paid bible study, create content and curriculum, ministry does not equal free!

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