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Business failure is not always a fun topic, but there is sooooo much to learn when we have a business idea that doesn’t work out. I have been there and I know that God uses failures to teach us, to motivate us, and to shift us. So if you have had a business idea fail, first know that you did not fail, the idea failed. Separate yourself from the failure. Then pick yourself up and get back to it. I hope this episode is exactly want some of you need to hear today!

Show Notes

  • Podcast Episode 79 | Making a Pivot in your Business – Sometimes when a business idea fails, it is God’s way of showing you it is time to make a pivot in your business. You can listen to more about pivoting in this episode.
  • Podcast Episode 113 | 4 Questions to Ask Yourself if Sales are Slow – Related Episode on what to do if sales are not where you want or need them to be. Maybe your business idea didn’t fail, you just need to make some changes in who you are selling to or the price or the timing.
  • If you are ready to move beyond any past failures and grow your business, I would love to have you in my monthly group where I help you grow your social media following or in my course where I teach you 6 ways to make money online.  Sign up for the waitlist so you are notified next time they are open – Inner Circle monthly group and Creators’ Roadmap course.
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