Mr. Magic and I have been working at home together for a little over a year so we decided now would be a great time to give you guys an update on how it’s going. Working with your spouse can be complicated and hard, but it can also be pretty stinkin’ awesome. We share the best and worst and everything in between like what have we learned about each other, what advice we would give others, and even what the Allwood kids think about it!

Show Notes

  • You guys loved Mr. Magic the first time he was a guest. Here is that episode if you missed it or just want to hear it again – Episode 100 | 2018: The Year Everything Changed for Us with Jason Allwood
  • The Kolbe Assessment – This is a great resource to learn more about how you take action.
  • Jason and I are both a 3 on the Enneagram which means we could be a power couple or a train wreck! Want to know more about the Enneagram? Check out this episode – Episode 105 | The Enneagram Test and Your Number Explained with Chris Heuertz
  • A lot of our work together over the mast 6-8 months focused on the Equipped Conference, including a HOT conversation about BBQ!  But it was sooooo worth it. You can still get a virtual ticket to watch all the recordings here.
  • Email us at if you have any questions or inquiries!