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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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My web developer sent me my google analytics today for the month of April.  My referral numbers are so interesting that I HAVE to show you.  Look at line 2.  Pinterest!  My PINTEREST account is my 2nd leading referral source and sent 2,368 people to my website last month.  And I sell things on my website.  So Pinterest is sending me potential customers! Do you see the connection between Pinterest and business revenue?



Jennifer Allwood Pinterest on Purpose Webinar

I held a 2 hour Pinterest training class online for small business owners this spring.  I have a $77 recording of my training, but I have a coupon for you to get it 40% off this weekend.  Use the code PINME at checkout HERE.  This is a GREAT Mother’s Day gift for someone in your life who is in business and STRUGGLING.  For someone who sells things on Etsy and their Facebook page but still doesn’t “get” Pinterest.  For some mom who doesn’t need another necklace for Mother’s Day, but she does need business help.  Pinterest can make you money and this video shows you how.  (In addition, I have grown my Pinterest account with over 10,000 new followers in 7 months time.  I show you how to do that too!)

Click here to see what the training covers and don’t forget to use PINME at checkout!





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