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slate front steps

When we moved into our new home, I knew I wanted to change the slate on the front steps.  Since we were getting rid of the rest of the slate in our house (check out the blog post on the flooring transformation HERE), we wanted to get rid of the slate on the front of our house as well.

crumbled concrete steps being removed

Some of the pieces on front steps was starting to pop off.  So, Jason literally popped off some of the pieces and we got to this weird point where 80% of the slate was gone and then the rest of pieces we couldn’t remove on our own. It was really, really strange. It was like some bizarre glue adhesive was used on just a few of the slate pieces. They.would.not.budge.


concrete steps being removed to lay new bluestone pavers

So, our front steps have sat like this for over year, but since we were having the VIP night at our home before my Equipped Conference, we wanted to make sure we got the front steps done in time for all of those guests being in our home. 

crumbled concrete in front step area


We had the same person who did the brick in our house come and help put bluestone pavers on our front steps. The bluestone is kind of thick. It actually made our steps too tall to meet code. This meant the steps were now about 2 inches taller than what code said they needed to be, and it could cause a tripping issue.


new bluestone steps being placed


So, we had to make a whole new step going into our house to make each shorter. David laid down another step for us and covered it in bluestone. I also think the front step made it look a little “grander”… which I’m all about, friends. 


new bluestone pavers being placed

 We showed pics like this on my Instagram!

bluestone paver front steps and gold front door


And here is the final look!

bluestone paver front steps with landscaping

We’re so happy with how it turned out… sometimes the most simple changes make the biggest transformation inside or outside of the home!

close up view of bluestone paver front steps and gold front door

I’ve gotten tons of questions about the yummy gold front door on Facebook and Instagram! You can read alllllll about that HERE. And make sure you’re on my email list so you never miss a home remodel update!


If you’re on Pinterest, pin the graphic below!

Slate steps to bluestone pavers! Front steps transformation


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