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Earlier this week I hopped on Facebook Live to show you a quick little project we just did as we get ready for about 70 people to be in our home for the VIP night before my live event! Ohmygosh… I can’t believe it’s in less than 2 weeks from today. If you want to come, you can still grab a ticket at  I would seriously LOVE to see you there and hug your neck in real life!!!

Anyway, we’re getting the house ready for lots of guests!!! Knowing people will be at your house is the best way to get things done, am I right?!?!

My designer friend, Deb, is helping us get the house prepared, and she’s the one that purchased the lights from Wilson Lighting here in Kansas City… They’re “Aged Zinc Porter” and you can find them HERE. We loved the size of them, the shape of them, everything… But we wanted them in GOLD! (obviously!) Plus, the black lights would not have stood out on our iron ore paint color on the exterior of our home.

black lighting fixture ready before spray paint

So, we got some gold spray paint at Hobby Lobby. It’s Krylon Short Cut in Gold Leaf. You can find it through my affiliate link HERE. Just so you know, 1 can of spray paint barely covered each light, so I would recommend 2 cans per light!! 

And Deb says this is the PERFECT GOLD!!! Say no more, LOL.


spray painting outdoor lighting fixture

If you need some tips on spray painting, go watch my video HERE! You’ll also get a cameo appearance of Ari learning how to spray paint for the first time! 🙂

Little girl learning how to spray paint

So, here’s the final product!

gold outdoor lighting fixture

I’m sooo happy with the way they turned out.

If you’re obsessed with gold like I am, check out the other gold light fixtures in our home HERE. Aaaaand read all about our gold front door HERE. I’m obsessed.


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how to spray paint outdoor lights


Bless you, friends!




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