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I was going to do a posting today on how important I think it is to paint or glaze your ceilings. But as I scrolled through my pictures of faux painted ceilings …. I decided these pictures are just way more fun to share. Enjoy…

Painted Ceilings | Magic Brush

The painted ceiling above is in a formal dining room. The walls and outside ceiling are a torn paper… the outer ring of the circle is glazed with a custom cut Modello stencil over it (Modellos are one time use, cut to your specific dimension stencils). The crown molding is painted a metallic brass color and glazed. And the inside of the circle is supposed to resemble stretched silk. Oh yeah… we did the medallion on the light also…

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Silver/Gold Leafing Painted Ceilings
This is a silver leafing ceiling is so gorgeous and dramatic. The leafing adds so much texture and yet it’s romantic too! The finish is surprisingly easier than you think. You can learn how to do silver-leafed painted ceilings in my DIY video here

Compass Painting Ceilings | Magic Brush

The most gorgeous theater room I’ve ever been in. This room is sweet enough for a posting someday all its own! The compass on the ceiling was fun. The straight lines are done with car detailing tape. Ssshhhhh…. that’s our secret.

Tissue Paper Painted Ceilings | Magic Brush

We do tissue paper ALL THE TIME on painted ceilings. It hides a multitude of sheetrock sins and it just looks so pretty. This bronze and chocolate metallic color is our most popular. The builder of this model had us add upholstery tack around the ceiling line for interest. If you want to know how to do a tissue paper ceiling — check out my free tutorial /instructions here.  For my ceiling’s base color over the dried tissue paper, I mixed Modern Master’s Pharaoh’s Gold and Modern Master’s Antique Bronze.

I am doing a metallic tissue paper on my bedroom ceiling as soon as I get the time, money and energy to redecorate that room. A girl’s gotta have dreams….

Painting Ceilings | Magic Brush

This ceiling just about killed me. First of all, it’s about 25 feet in the air (did I mention I am scared of heights?).

Second, this was not a stencil….the designer found this pattern in a magazine and asked me to duplicate it. It was measured out and hand painted on. We actually had to figure “Pi” on this ceiling. Do you remember “pi” from geometry class? I’m taking you way back here…..pi = 3.14159 and helps you to figure the circumference of a circle. I told you I am secretly a math nerd!

And third, this designer was so pleased with it that she asked us to do it for another home. Then I showed those pictures to another client and BAM! Ended up doing this design 3 times total! It was a massage waiting to happen.

So here it is slightly altered again…

Painting Ceilings | Magic Brush

And again…

Painting Ceilings | Magic Brush

This is a master bedroom in the home of one of my favorite clients. I got to know this homeowner so well that I now call her “friend”. She is responsible for turning me onto scrapbooking (my other passion!)Can you imagine just looking up at that ceiling every night? The walls are Faux Effect’s lusterstone ….. the lowest ceiling is glazed and the crown molding is a metallic paint and glaze.Painting Ceilings | Magic Brush

I did this gold leaf ceiling just after starting The Magic Brush. This picture was taken before the new chandelier was delivered. My hubster helped me do it over what turned out to be a very lonnnnngggggg weekend. I don’t understand why he didn’t enjoy it. Working for free …. gold leaf particles falling in his eyes….staring straight up for 2 days in a row. He was a trooper! You can find my DIY Gold Leafing Video here if you want to learn to do it yourself!

Painting Ceilings | Magic Brush

This is an entryway ceiling with a faux and stencil over it.


Below is another Modello stencil for an Irish client in their living room… so much prettier than the tw0-color plain painted ceiling was. 

Before … 

Before Painting Ceilings | Magic Brush


After …  metallic and glazed and GORGEOUS! The molding was also painted (and those white rims to the recessed lighting!).

Irish Stencil Painting Ceilings | Magic Brush

And perhaps one of our funkiest and favorites on a powder bath ceiling. This client was just so gutsy with a cheetah ceiling. I love it!

Cheetah Painting Ceilings | Magic Brush

Don’t forget your ceilings! Some of them are just crying for attention! 
If you’re feeling like you need a ceiling change or even a cool focal wall, can find some of my DIY painted ceilings tutorials here.
Happy Painting,


  • Oh MY WORD….you are so talented. I am simply amazed at your work. Your clients are lucky!


  • Laretha says:

    So I know how awesome you are and how talented you are and how you don’t “sponge” but what you do it really an art. I also know you are a math nerd. These take my breath away Jen.

    Micah loves the compass!

    “pi” to me = warm apple crisp!

  • Girly Stuff says:

    Where have you been all my life???

    It is all so beautiful! You are talented beyond my wildest imaginings!

    I always love your tissue paper walls/ceilings!

  • Amber says:

    AMazing! I loved your work at the Kanenwisher House too…Got to see it yesterday!

  • Oh my Lord Jennifer, I never realized that SO many ceilings I had flagged in my favorites were from your magic brush! You rock sister!!!! I dont think I can pick a favorite – loved the first one until I got to the ones where you hand figured PIE – those are fabulous… and the client that turned you on to scrapping? I WANT her bedroom! sigh….. You are blessed with sweet talent 🙂

  • Jen r. says:

    They look FABULOUS! I know how much work went into those! My neck would never recover! 😉 Jen

  • KC Mom says:

    Oh, I love fauxed ceilings you know.
    You can order custom M&M’s on My M&M’
    The only clincher is…you can only order plain M&M’s and you have to order 5lbs at a time…it’s pretty pricey but so worth it!

  • Shauna says:

    that last powder bath is to die for!! FABULOUS Darling, and wow what a difference a ceiling will make.

  • Girl, you are the master painter of all painters! I am constantly impressed by your talent. Just for that, you have an award awaiting you over at my place. Check it out when you have the time!

  • Wow!! Thats all that comes to mind. Im terrified of getting on a two step ladder, I don’t know how you manage to keep a steady hand at these heights.

    PS: Thanks for your leafing tips. Of course I should have known to ask you first but Im an idiot! Oh well, now I know for next time 🙂

  • Oh, that powder bath ceiling is crazy fabulous!

  • Michelle says:

    Oh My Goodness, each time I reach a decision I find something wonderful like this! *sigh* I guess I’m off to talk about my ideas and now I’ll just Have to add yours in!

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