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So a few weeks ago I was at The Restyled Home blog and saw this adorable chandelier wall graphic. I posted a comment to the author that I wanted that chandelier! ( I luvvvvvvvv chandeliers and will blog about that one day!).

A few days later, I got the sweetest email from Paul Wilson, the owner of Wilson Graphics offering to send me that chandelier graphic for FREE!!!!! What kind of generosity is that?

True to his word, he put the graphic in the mail immediately and I received it yesterday.

May I just say this is no wimpy graphic???? It is huge!

I’ve decided it was going in my paint studio ‘cuz you know the room is under “decorating construction”. And… I am in that room every day….so I will be able to enjoy it every day.

The decal was super easy to install. Any homeowner can do this.

First, measure/center where you would like to place the graphic. I do suggest using a level. The truth is… most of us “see crooked”. Unfortunately, often it isn’t until the project is done that we can finally see we were off a little bit. Just level it to be safe. Once it’s on… there is no adjusting it!

I put the chandelier where I can see if from the rest of the basement. It’s visible as long as my door is open. Once measured, tape it to the wall at the top only.

Next, you peel off the white backing paper. At first I was struggling being “decal dork”… but then I got my groove on and figured out how to balance this bad boy on my head as I barked orders at my 7 year old to “take the picture now”/”get your fingers off the lens”/”center the decal and not mom”…. etc.

P.S. This is Noah. A.K.A. my photographer for the day…. the only child of mine that you have not met. Isn’t he handsome?

Notice how I did a good job of not looking like I was barking orders…

After getting 1/2 of the backing or so off, you can softly lay the whole thing against the wall and pull the rest of the white backing down to get it off. Go slowly so that all of the pieces remain sticking to the clear paper and not the white backing. This picture is showing you the 1/2 done step.

Then you smooth out any bubbles and peel off the clear covering that is on the top. Notice I had some tiny pieces that stuck to the white. Those are so easy to just put in place once you have the covering off.

And Viola! Isn’t it lovely? It look me probably 15 minutes total! What a fun surprize project!

Check out Paul’s site at here for more wall graphics and art decals! Here are a few I love:

And check these cheetah polka dots! Hmmmmm… I’m imagining where they could go. Why am I picturing them in a girl’s bathroom????? They are very sassy!
Thank you so much Paul for your generosity! It’s obvious by your random act of kindness, quick turn-around time and the size/quality of the graphic that your company is destined for success!

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