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My husband is no Vanna White

By April 26, 20114 Comments

A glimpse into the conversations in the house of a faux finisher…..

Me: “honey, will you hold my new faux sample up behind the chair please?”

Him: “like this?”

Me: “yes, but lower….”

Me: “and put it up right next to the woodwork.”

Me: “and now just a little lower to hide the light switch with it.”

Me: “there….now I can see it with the colors in the dining room.”

Him: no words…..just pretending he is enjoying playing “Vanna White” with my samples……

Me: “ok, hold it really still so I can get a closeup photograph of it.”

Him: “is this for your blog?”

Me: “yes.”

Him: “is everything for your blog?”

Me: rolling of eyes…..I sense his sarcasm.

Me: (bringing attention back to the sample)…”so are you sure you like the finish?”

Him: “of course.”……. followed by silence……I am guessing his arms are hurting from holding my sample up for 10 minutes while I take a picture first with a flash, then without a flash, then set my camer to auto, then try one set on portrait…..

Him: “here, how’s this?” (as he turns the damask sample sideways…….)

Me: just gotta giggle at him…… I know when he’s done playing “Vanna“.

You’re a good man baby! Thanks for being my official “sample holder-upper”!


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