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I may have had a little trouble in the past with picking a “perfect green” paint…..but I think I nailed it this time with my green side table!!!!!!

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Here was my cute ‘lil table before…..

Painted Green Side Table | Magic Brush

And here she is AFTER with some fresh paint, distressing and a glaze.
Painted Green Side Table | Magic Brush 
I used  “Green Apple” spray paint that I got at Home Depot.  You can order it on my affiliate link HERE. I sanded the edges with a sanding block and toned it down with a chocolate glaze that I made myself.
Painted Green Side Table | Magic Brush
Never one to leave things alone…..I had to add some animal print somewhere on my green side table!!!!!

Painted Green Side Table | Magic Brush

This is tissue paper (yes, the kind you use in a gift bag.). You can easily adhere the paper with Heirloom Tradition’s 1Gel …. my decoupaging product of choice. I also LOVE LOVE Heirloom Tradition’s tapered fiber brushes when painting furniture with chalk-type paint. It’s my favorite chalk brush!!!

First, you cut a piece of tissue paper in the exact size of the spot you will be adhering it to. Then, apply that 1Gel liberally and immediately lay your tissue paper on top of it.  Smooth out with a sponge quickly to get any big air bubbles out. Let dry overnight.  Go back over the tissue paper with another coat of the 1Gel the next day a
d you are done!

That paper is just so cute peekin’ out from the inside of my green side table!
I have another green buffet where I decoupaged the drawers … check it out here. 


If you’re looking for more DIY furniture finishes, check out my DIY videos where I’ll walk you through how to paint furniture and cabinets yourself. 

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How to Paint furniture and Decoupage with Tissue Paper | Magic Brush


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