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Got giraffe?????

By May 5, 20116 Comments

This ‘lil Goodwill find was uggggggggggggly. But at $4.99, how could I resist??

The man of my dreams took the seat off for me……

Only to discover about 56 layers of nasty fabric and one wife who needs a manicure.

I painted it cream and did a ‘lil sanding and glazing on it as any good faux finisher would.
And then found some super cute giraffe print fabric at JoAnn’s Crafts.
It made me feel a little bad for giraffe….it just doesn’t get the same attention that cheetah and zebra do…… why is that??

Ava Grace loves it. She just sees something new to jump off of all covered in cute fabric. So, what’s not to love?

And I just see how badly I need to hide/organize my photo albums.
Jeesh….. a mother’s/painter’s work is never done….

Linking to A Girl Creative.


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