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bath caddy done

On Monday I blogged about the new bath caddy that the amazing Mr. Magic made for me.  It’s gorgeous and perfect and ONLY LOOKS THAT GOOD WHEN I HAVE IT STAGED FOR PICTURES.  Lol.  The rest of the time I am wrangling Ava’s toys off of it (have you seen the Ken and Barbie pictures??).

Many of you asked questions about how we hung the fabric curtain, so I posted this picture on my business Facebook page:



IMG_2926 MLS (2)

(photo take from ES Photography)

That curtain is just fabric that I ironed a hem on with that fancy, schmancy iron on stuff.  I am a hotmess with a sewing machine. And by “hotmess”, I mean I haven’t used one since HomeEc class in high school, but I assure you I am not good at it.  The curtain makes me happy tho’.  I think The Nester would approve.  We don’t actually use or let down the curtain.  It’s just there for drama when you walk into the room.

And then that Facebook picture prompted more great questions, so I will answer them here:

  • What is the wall color in the toilet room (is there a fancier word for that room)?   It’s Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams.  I have the same color in our bedroom.
  • What does the framed print on the vanity say?   It says “Embrace Messy Hair”.  A client gave it to me.  I love clients who bring gifts!  xoxo
  • Did I paint my cabinets in here?   Of course!  It’s my “Textured Bronze Truffle finish” that I have an instructional video on. You can get it 1/2 off with the code LEARN50 here.
  • Where did the chandelier come from?  Lowes or Home Depot (sorry I can’t remember…. I have 44 year old brain!) but it’s been a few years!
  • Is it always this clean?    Um noooooooooooooooooooooooo.  In real life there are clothes strewn everywhere, 15 shades of makeup out, kids swinging from the chandelier. =)
  • What is the wall faux?    It’s 2 shades of Lusterstone from Faux Effects.  I plan on stenciling over it in an all over pattern when I finish the other 427 projects 1/2 done in my house. #keepinitreal

If you have any other questions about our bathroom, feel free to ask away!  You all make me feel good.

Happy Friday friends!


PS…… if you aren’t interested in painting your cabinets in a dark truffle color, you can still use that LEARN50 code to get any other DIY video 1/2 off this weekend!  xoxo

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