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distressed island

Last week I posted a few pictures of this island that the Magic Brush girls were working on to my Facebook page and you all went ga-ga! I know.  They did an amazing job on this island, didn’t they?


distressed island in kitchen

This finish is the same one we do over and over and over, BUT normally we glaze in clean lines. On this particular project, my client wanted us to really make the piece look old.  It made my heart skip because I LOVE making things look old.



So, we used a metal file like this one on the EDGES of the cabinets BEFORE we glazed them.  The files can be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot and they basically  “chew up the edges” of the wood.  Then when the stain hits that, it gets really dark and yummy and old and crusty looking. LOVE.



distressed cream island

See…. dark and yummy edges. Isn’t it gorgeous?

If  you have already purchased my #1 selling DIY video on “Cream Cabinets with a Glaze” ….. instead of the sanding block, just use a metal file on your edges to get this exact look.  The sanding block just will not get deep enough into the wood to look this distressed.

If you have NOT ordered my cream cabinet video yet, you need to.  This finish is sooooooooo versatile and this video sooooooooo informative.  40 minutes of instruction AND a supply list.   You can get the video by going HERE and as my gift to you, use CREAMDREAM at checkout to get the video for 40% off.

I did do a short Facebook video of this kitchen. You can watch it HERE or click below.


You want to move in, right?  Me too. And friends…. this is their BASEMENT kitchen.  #drooling #amazing #2kitchensinahouserocks

So if you are looking for an older, distressed finish…. get to filing those edges….. that tool makes distressing furniture and cabinets so stinkin’ EASY!

I’ll have more pics of this kitchen once the tile and granite and all done! Until then….

Happy painting,



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