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lemonade stand pinterest

A few years back we were hired to faux paint a client’s laundry room walls. While working in her home, I noticed she had an awesome lemonade stand for her children in her garage.  It was so stinkin’ cute and I tried HARD to get her to sell it to me, but she wouldn’t (bless her)….. so I told my hubby I wanted us to make one.   We just finished it and it’s cute as pie, but it took some work and rework to get it here.



lemonade stand boys

Our first attempt at a lemonade stand last year wasn’t thought out really well.  It was a little too big.  It was like a lemonade stand for giants.  It was like a lemonade stand on steroids.  These tween boys couldn’t even see over it when they were sitting up on a curb.  So, it was total overkill.  Not to mention it took up half of our garage.  And I need the room for my 917 painting projects.  Duh.

So this year, we decided to revamp the stand a little to make it more practical for our daughter to use.



lemonade stand redo

I told Mr Magic that we literally needed to make it 1/2 the size and twice as cute.  So, he spent a Friday night cutting it down for me.  Because he loves me.  And love means Friday night projects.

You can kind of see how he constructed it with a box shape first in 2 x 4’s and a piece of plywood.  He used wood fencing and casters and other manly tools and parts.  As always, I just wanted to get to the pretty stuff.




lemonade stand painting ii

After it was all cut down, I planned on painting it, but Ava threw a fit.  Since it was “her lemonade stand” (God bless the strong-willed child), she wanted to do the painting.  And I twitched a little, but I gave in. She actually did pretty decent.  I may or may not have cleaned up the edges a little when she wasn’t looking.  Not because I am a control freak, but because if it’s gonna be on Pinterest, it’s gotta look legit, right?



We did get a video of her rolling paint.  Lord have mercy. Did she really just scrape that roller frame across the top?????  Clearly I have some training to do.



This video of her making the polka dots made me proud tho. Other than the total sass at the end.  *** sigh***  My girl knows her crafting AND how to get her momma’s goat.



lemonade stand paint couture

We used these gorgeous paints from Paint Couture on the stand.  They are the perfect beachy,  warmly-worn colors!!!!  Micki Coles from Great Walls Supply was kind enough to send these samples to me a bit ago and I just tried them for the first time.  LOVE. We did one coat.  The paint is nice and thick and easy to get out of these containers!  Beautiful colors!  Thank you Micki!  They were perfect for this project!



lemonade stand girls

We let Ava and her  friends have their first stand together.  “Have a fresh morning”….. have you ever seen anything so cute???  But after their first “sale”, we realized we need a few more things.



lemonade stand towel paper

So Daddy added some practical accessories like a paper towel holder and apron hook for me.

And I added some fun accessories like tissue paper pom-poms.  I have 2 videos showing how to make these. This video is a complete failure and I had on my pissy pants.  So watch this one on how to make them.  And then watch this video on how to spray paint them.



lemonade stand accessories

So the stand is officially DONE.



lemonade stand finished

And we estimate we spent about $1,582 so that our daughter can sell 50 cent lemonade and I can put something on Pinterest.  Isn’t that just the way a lot of projects go?  Lol

Keepin’ it real,


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