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two girls sitting by pool at night

So, we were getting ready to host the VIP event for my Equipped conference at our home. I’m a firm believer that lights can make the biggest difference in setting the mood and giving some ambiance to the area. Since the VIP night was in the evening, we wanted to make sure there were some really fun lights around the pool.

double rainbow in the sky

Btw, if you follow me on Facebook you may remember my post about this GORGEOUS double rainbow we had in Kansas City just 2 nights before my conference. I absolutely love that it was God’s promise of an amazing conference ahead.

design mockup of lights in a zig zag pattern over the pool

So, we had our friend Ryan come up with a design where the lights kind of zig-zagged above the pool. Then, we called our friend Scott who owns Urban Electric to make sure we were up to “code” and help us with the wiring! 

man on ladder hanging lights above pool

pool lights anchored to sides of house

We actually anchored the lights to the sides of the house!

The string lights are from Amazon and we made sure they were shatterproof so they wouldn’t break and shatter into a million pieces in the pool. They’re strung with a thick cable, so they’re extra strong and durable. And they’re on a remote so they turn off and on from the house!

teen boy swimming in pool at dusk with string lights hung up over pool

photo shot from above the pool, showing zig zag pattern string lights

They turned out to be PERFECT.

string lights above outdoor pool


chevy chase gif from christmas vacation movie

The first time we actually turned them on at night, it was almost like a scene from the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when Chevy Chase turns on the lights for the first time.  LOL

pool lights from a distance

They really do light up everything and you can see them from a long distance away from the house!!

string lights and exterior house paint at dusk

exterior house paint at night

These string lights just make me so happy! And I think the zig-zag pattern was MAJOR in making it look a little more fun and interesting.

big balloons in the pool

men and women gathered around pool at dusk with string lights hanging over the pool

In decorating for the VIP night at our house, we also had these amaaaazing balloons in the pool just for some added fun. They aren’t actually lights, but we found these decoration balls with lighting inside of them on Amazon and I’m soooo tempted to get them. I mean, how fun are they?!?!

BTW, anytime you’re hanging lights, you need to involve an electrician! Especially anytime you’re trying to hang something over a pool of water. LOL. So, be smart. Make sure you have help from a professional!

So, there ya have it, my friends! Whether you’re inside or outside of the home, lights make all the difference!

If you’re interested in knowing more about the pool area, we painted our trex deck which you can see HERE. We also dressed up the area with pink painted pots HERE and black waterfall planters HERE (which I’m obsessed with!). Also, the blog post on our arbor door is linked HERE which really added so much attention and dimension to the door that goes from the pool area into the basement of the home.

Use the graphic below to pin on Pinterest!

Blog post on pool lights and decorations

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