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color blocking painted home home

As a busy family of 6, (who am I kidding?!?! even when I DIDN’T have kids)… It was just super important to me that our landscaping be A: Colorful because I love color and B: Super easy to maintain. Let’s face it: I tend to kill EVERYTHING. lol.

So, we asked Randy Kitch from Kitch’s Lawn Care in Kansas City, to partner with my friend Deb who owns Metropolitan Designs, to do our landscaping this year! She laid out all the landscaping plans and they shopped for the trees and plants together. Then, Randy did all the planting!

small rocks lined up in black mulch with pink and purple flowers planted

I really love a Colorado-vibe when it comes to landscaping. I love tall, skinny trees. So, we planted several of those! We used a lot of things with color and things that don’t need a ton of maintenance.

tall and skinny trees planted within dark mulch, rocks, and various flowers

The tall and skinny trees you see right in the front of our house are called Cedar, Karl Fuchs Deodar. The pink and purple flowers are petunias.

dark mulch with green and pink plants and big rocks

We used this dark, charcoal-black color of mulch that I absolutely love. Deb added a lot of big rocks to the landscaping, just to give a little bit of visual interest. The gorgeous pop of pink you see above is called Firewitch Pink Cheddar! The greenery behind the big rocks is Chamaecyparis pisifera “Golden Mop”!!

tall and skinny tree with fluffy branches and leaves. surrounded by pink plants in dark mulch

Off to the far right of the house, we have this beauty. It’s my favorite!!! Apparently, it’s called “Japenese Dappled Nishiki Willow”! I just looooove it. When we planted it in April before my conference, you can see that the tree is pretty small….

tall skinny tree with light, fluffy leaves

…But, now that it’s grown, it actually looks like this!!!

I sometimes have a hard time planting small things and then waiting for them to grow, so I’m really glad we spent a little more money to buy MOSTLY things that were already well-grown if that makes sense. I’ve had somebody come water the plants all summer long, so all of the flowers and plants are still alive after the 4th of July, which is a MIRACLE. lol. I’m not pretending to know much about landscaping but all I know is this is what we did and I’m SUPER happy with how it turned out.

gold front door and bluestone pavers

Did you catch the blog post on our exterior house paint?? Read all about that HERE. And all the details on the GOLD front door, which I’m obsessed with, are HERE!

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  • Simple landscaping ideas can have a powerful impact, and this blog captures the essence of that simplicity beautifully, thanks. Which simple landscaping idea from the blog resonated with you the most?

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