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oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

We finally, finally got my huge, oversized chalkboard framed and done.  This was one of those little projects that just kept going…. for like 2 months!  We just couldn’t seem to make time to finish it.  But…. it’s done and I couldn’t be happier.  Please pretend not to notice that we still have a mistletoe hanging. Because we forgot it up there.  And we are too lazy to get a chair out to get it down.  So it may stay up thru Easter. 😉 #keepingitreal

I’m obsessed with the sheer size of this chalkboard.  It’s total overkill and I totally adore it.  I want to show you how to make a ginormously huge chalkboard for your house too!


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oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

I had a bunch of  old barnwood from my friends at The Red Barn Farm in Kansas City.  It’s the same wood I used to make my Be Royal sign and my Harvest sign.


oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

I couldn’t decide if to keep the wood the original width. Or, to have Mr Magic cut it in half so the frame was narrower.    So I kept asking my hubby to hold both pieces up.

Take it down.

Try it this way.

Try it that way.

No, scoot it over.

No too far.

Yes there.

No maybe the smaller piece again.

Lol. All you DIY brides know…. the struggle is real.

oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

I finally decided the wood needed cut in half, so Mr Magic did that for me.  I was going to have a rough edge to paint, but lucky for me after 15 years of painting, I figured I could do that with little effort.


oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

We used “Black Bean” chalk-type paint from Heirloom Traditions. It took 2 coats rolled on the bare wall and it was more than covered.  I was totally impressed with the coverage!  If you are interested in ordering this paint, you can use my affiliate link!  I used Black Bean on this project as well, so it’s not just for chalkboards! While you’re shopping HTP – grab a tapered oval chalk brush – these are MY FAVORITE BRUSHES when working with chalk paint! 



oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

Before I even had time to season the wall or to frame it, my kids started writing on it.   Don’t look close because I am certain there is 13 year old boy humor on it.

I left a container of chalk markers out for our kids and all their friends on the bench next to the chalkboard.  Chalk markers don’t erase very well, but they leave no dust on the floor, so it’s a trade that’s worth it!

oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush


Mr Magic cut the barnwood pieces in 1/2 for me, but we had a carpenter who was working in our house cut angled corners on the pieces and nail it into the wall. Sooooooo much easier than trying to assemble a frame on the floor and hang it.  Nah, just nail that stuff right to the wall!  He used a nail gun and YES, we will have holes to repair if we take it down one day, but I don’t mind.  The frame fits snug to the wall and looks amazing!

oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

I wanted to attach the chalk holder TO the chalkboard because A) it’s cute and  B) it’s practical  . Nothing drives me battier than wanting to write on a chalkboard and not being able to find chalk.  #firstworldproblems I know.

This was a bookend that I purchased years ago that I had Mr Magic screw into the wall also.  Yes, another hole, but what’s one more hole at this point?  I painted the bookend  to match the chippy wood color.


oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

I used “Engine No.9” (same red I used on this project) and the Jet Black Wax and painted the chalkholder + the raw wood edges.  The red was a little too bright and the jet black wax dirtied it up a bit so that it matched perfect. (Note, Heirloom Traditions has discontinues its Vintiques product line so use Daredevil red instead.)


oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

Look at that! A perfect match!!!


oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

So I had all these dreams of encouraging words and bible scriptures and “I love you’s ” on the chalkboard to greet my family as they came thru the garage door every day.  Instead the board is covered in signatures, scribbles and autographs and you know what….it’s just as meaningful.  Every time we have friends or kids over, there is new writing on it and that makes my heart happy.


oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

I hope you love it and will let me know if you make one yourself. 


Much DIY love,


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oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush


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