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If you have followed my Facebook page for any length of time, you know that I’m a huge supporter of Stitchfix, the clothing delivery service for people who love clothes but hate to shop…. AND THAT’S TOTALLY ME. (this cold shoulder shirt and my jeans are Stitchfix in this photo).




However I do want new clothes often because I do things in my business like be a regular guest on Fox 4 News in Kansas City.   And call me a primadonna, but I like to wear a different outfit every time.  Stitchfix is PERFECT for this.  I just request every month that my stylist include something that will look good on camera…. a simple pattern, no pink or red (bad for tv), no horizontal stripes (for the love of all things chocolate), and something that will compliment my blonde hair and light skin on camera.  I’m always thrilled with the separates they send me. This polka-dotted shirt and this orange jacket were in separate fix boxes, but they look great together.




IMG_8907_2I also do a ton of videos for my coaching program and my DIY videos.  And I recently had all new pics taken for my business by Radiant Photography (she took all the pics in this post. She can make anyone look good!).  Stitchfix clothing is perfect for this kind of thing!!!!  I want to be casual on the videos and while I’m crafting/painting, but I also want to look put together. Boom.  Stitchfix to the rescue.

Basically, if you are a small business owner following my blog and I know many of you are…. this service is perfect for you.  1) you don’t have time to shop and 2) you need something other than paint clothes in your wardrobe.  Can I get an AMEN???

Of course, Stitchfix is great if you aren’t a business owner too!  Getting a box delivered to your door every month is a little like Christmas all the time! xoxo

HERE is the link to my video for this month’s StitchFix opening.  And #ohAva makes a debut in this video.  God bless it.

I did send the brown sweater back but I did keep the green shirt that I didn’t think I would love. Lol.

So if you are curious about StitchFix, I’d love for you to go look at my affiliate link HERE.  Yes, I do receive a small commission every time a new person signs up and that helps pay for things like this blog and my clothing for the next month.  😉

And for those of you who wonder how I get such cute clothes every month, here are my best tips:

  1. be sure you fill out your notes whenever you return things of WHY you didn’t like them
  2. be sure to start a Pinterest board for your stylist and give them the link to the board!!! The link to my board is HERE if you want to peek at it!
  3. MY BEST TIP is to make sure you send a note to your stylist every month when prompted and let her know of EVENTS coming up that you want to dress for.  The first few months I forgot to do that and was kicking myself when events came around and I was wishing I had something new to wear!

I hope this answers some questions about my outfits for you.  And let me know if you sign up! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!



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