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So, do ya know how you get those spam emails saying “you have been chosen to be the heir to a large sum of money from a woman dying in a hospital bed in a country you have never heard of”?

Or do you get messages saying you have been selected to win a laptop if you just take a survey? You never answer any of that stuff cuz’ you know it’s a hoax….and yet you still wonder if maybe……
Well….. last week I got an email from The Today Show….yes the actual NBC show….saying they were doing a segment on Women Who are Celebrating 40 as a New Beginning . They said they had seen my blog post about doing a triathlon for my 40th birthday and was I interested in them including me in the segment????????
My mind fast-forwarded to the “dying-woman-in-hospital-bed-in-Abidjan-who-wants-to-give-me-Six-Million, Two-hundred-United-States-Dollars”-emails….but this email sounded legit!
I cautiously emailed The Today Show back and waited. They called me the following afternoon and by 9:30 the next morning, I had a camera man on my doorstep. Whose life is this?????

(If you only want to see the videos you can skip straight to the end of this post. )

This is Jonathan….the local NBC cameraman who taped me. And my oldest son Noah at the table who loved watching the whole process!

He wanted to use the “She Believed She Could, So She Did” picture that I had from my half marathon.

I was cheesing ear to ear the whole time…..

…..’cept when I was worried about showing cleavage on national television…..

….and pondering whether or not this was my best angle?? Other than that….I was cheesin’! LOL!He asked HARD questions!!!!
“Do you think turning 40 is different now than it used to be?”
“Are you happy with your life?”

“Tell me 4 words that describe the type of person you are.”

“Why a triathlon?”

And so on…….

Then he wanted to film me pushing the kids on the swing set….looking “normal”.

Ha! What is “normal” about a cameraman on my deck, shooting footage of me thru my spindles, as my hair begins to crumble, in the heat and I am sucking it all in while wearing wedge shoes and swinging my daughter??????? Hysterical! That’s “normal”, right?

Next, he wanted to show me bounding out of the house to grab and rack my bike! I was thrilled that he got my YELLOW door on camera.


I was less thrilled that the whole world can now see me in a triathlon suit. Sigh……….


Try racking a bike while having a camera a foot from you……you suddenly have no strength, fumble with every tie down and giggle!


Then we headed to Smithville Lake where my actual triathlon was going to be taking place. Wanting to share the “camera love”…….I had called all of the girls who were doing the tri with me and had them meet us there!

This was the “tell-your-friends-to-act-normal-talking-in-the-background” pose….


This was when the cameraman said “who is the tall blonde who likes to talk a lot? I wanna interview HER!”. LOL…..that’s my friend Shauna…..who rocked her interview even tho’ they didn’t air it.

Then he taped us running which is my favorite part of the video even tho I didn’t get any camera shots.


We had to get in and out of the water a few times for the taping. Talk about hilarious. The sand was ON FIRE in this KC heat. There is mashed goose poop everywhere. The shore was SLICK! We were trying to swim fast! And we were soon-to-be-triathletes who were sucking air! It was so hot and yet so fun!!!!!

Here is the video from the Today Show:

If it doesn’t come up for you, you can copy and paste this link: 

Our local news channel also ran the story!

I loved that they showed my Magic Brush signs on the side of my truck (hello free advertisement) and also mentioned we are trying to adopt (hello to that too!!!) . You can watch that video here:

This was honestly one of the funnest experiences of my life. I love that it included my husband and kids. I loved involving the girls who were doing the tri with me. I love that it happened so quickly and that my life was out of control for several days (which incidentally is how I function the best). I love that there was no time to do hair or nails or buy a new outfit or clean my house….and I did it anyway! LOL! Thank you NBC and thank you Jonathan (the cameraman) for this opportunity.


It’s amazing to me how God so intimately knows what each of us loves and what makes each of us tick. Only He could have orchestrated this “birthday gift” just for me. And I am grateful. My heart is happy and full.


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