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By popular demand, I have put together several ideas for your front door decor for spring and summer.   I hope these ideas will give you some inspiration to liven up your own front door. Remember, the front door is the first thing your guests see. Plus, you see it every day when you come home. Your family sees it every day when they come home. The front door of your home should be a reflection of your family, your life and  how the inside of the home looks and feels.

So, if your front door is feeling a little sad, slap a coat of paint on it and hang something up. It doesn’t take long and I promise, it makes such a huge difference in how you feel about your home.

I will tell you that I tend to prefer non-traditional front door decorations and I switch mine out regularly! My favorite 8 are below!

This post does contain affiliate links. If you order these products I may receive a commission from the sale which helps me to continue doing projects for your online inspiration. I only recommend products I already use and love.


we can play chalkboard


#1) Make a chalkboard for your front door – if your neighborhood is anything like ours, there are kids galore. And sometimes, a sign like this is way easier to hang on the front door than answering the bell all day when the kids are doing chores or are unavailable (as a sidenote, my kids think they have a lot of chores but they totally don’t).

You can get a chalkboard to hang on your door similar to this one HERE or HERE.

I use these chalk MARKERS  to write on the board.  They are much easier than chalk and florescent… so fun! Plus, they don’t wash off in the rain.



Frame and forsythia front door decor


#2) This is my personal favorite front door decoration right now. This is an empty frame that I spray painted in a bright colored turquoise spray paint color.

With a forsythia wreath like this one HERE in front of it.

And a wooden initial like THIS ONE in front of it. I tie it all together and hang if from a hook.  I love it because of the layering….. layering makes everything feel classier.



chip and joanna gaines home show

I would like to mention that Chip and Joanna Gaines did a tv interview in front of a door I painted with that very front door decor on it last year at the Kansas City Home Show. I totally flipped and got proof of that action in a very unclear photo, but still….. I’m grinning ear to ear over it.



baseball diamond front door decoration


#3) Baseball fans…. this Home Plate baseball decoration is perfect for your front door. I blogged about it last year. You can get the tutorial HERE.  This makes a great Father’s Day gift idea or coach gift!



baseball wreath for front door


#4) And because baseball lovers need options, I do have one more baseball “wreath”.  I will warn you that a lot of baseballs died for this wreath. Forgive me. I blogged about it HERE.

Notice for this picture that I layered it in front of a grapevine wreath like THIS ONE.  Because you can never use too many grapevines in decorating.




Umbrella as front door wreath

#5) Perhaps the easiest front door decoration ever. A colorful umbrella. Some flowers stuck in it. A ribbon tied around it to hold it on together. Viola. Instant character on your front door.  You can get a spring umbrella about anywhere!




diy boxwood wreath


#6) I know I made this boxwood wreath for Christmas, but swap out that ribbon for a spring theme and I think boxwood wreaths are great any time of year.  As long as you can deal with the whole “boxwoods-kind-of-smell-like-cat-pee” thing. Or is it just me???  The tutorial for my boxwood wreath is HERE.

If you would prefer to BUY a boxwood that doesn’t smell like cat pee, I totally get it. Buying one is so much easier than chopping off your hedges and sticking twigs in to Styrofoam. You can buy a boxwood wreath HERE.




rainboots as front door decoration

#7) I think rainboots are the cuteiest-patootiest thing ever. These came from a friend who got them at a thrift store.

And when in doubt, just shove forsythia picks like THESE to the inside of rainboots.  Sidenote: just always add forsythia to spring/summer projects.  You just cannot go wrong with a pop of yellow.



Watering can front door decoration

#8) This is a vintage looking watering can. Warning: if you have a screen door of any kind…. this will not work because it sticks out too far.  THIS ONE would be better than the one I got because it’s flatter and has the floral already in it!

So there you go. Some easy ways to dress up your front door!

Feel free to pin any of these ideas for reference later!  And if you don’t already follow me on Pinterest, go HERE now!



PS… because I know you’ll ask…. my front door is the color “Peppery” from Sherwin Williams!





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