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Black handrails on stairs

Well we are still working hard to change our home over from a color palette of browns, reds and golds to the calming grays, blues and creams. Let me tell you my friends, it MAY have been easier to move. Lol. One change demands another, demands another, demands another.

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you will know that last year I blogged HERE about ditching our gold walls for Sherwin Williams Ellie Gray. A warm blue-gray that I love!!!!

Well I loved the wall color change, but man I really disliked our patterned brown carpet with our new gray walls!


gold pinwheel stair carpet

Now I already know what you’re going to say…. “it’s not that bad”.  Yeah, but it’s not that good either.  The brown stair carpet even threw a gold hue onto the walls in certain lights. It just wasn’t jiving for me.

We had gotten that brown patterned carpet at Nebraska Furniture Mart like 7 or 8 years ago and it held up like STEEL you guys. Seriously.  It didn’t show a stain, didn’t show dirt, didn’t show wear. It is a commercial carpet so it was DESIGNED for traffic and wear. Both of which we have in our home.

So I knew I wanted the same type of carpet in just a different color palette.


Shaw carpet samples

I contacted Nebraska Furniture Mart and got these 8 carpet samples from them.  Since we just recently did our kitchen tile in the arabesque pattern, I knew I loved that pattern right away.  I instantly was in love with the Shaw Floor sample in “Turner’s Point” and the color “Windsor Gray”. Yummy!



ava on carpet


Nebraska’s carpet installer was a saint. Seriously, my daughter and the neighbor boy sunbathed on the carpet and were all up in his business and he just obliged them.  Look at those 2 goofballs laying on the carpet. At least they are leaving room for Jesus! Ha!

In this pic you can see the difference in our old carpet color vs. the new one! The brown just felt soooooooooooooooooo heavy.



Brown to gray carpet

And check out the before/after. Seriously every time we do something in our home I think to myself “WHY DID WE WAIT THIS LONG TO DO THIS???”  I am absolutely in love with the new gray carpet!



Patterned carpet in hallway

Now I know that it’s very trendy to do hardwood in the halls upstairs, but we are kind of old school carpet lovers. And we had both the old carpet and the new one put in the hallway too! I’m telling you that since this stuff is like kryptonite floor covering….. you never see traffic at all.



Turners point in hallway

Even teenage hoverboard traffic.



Shaw carpet from Nebraska Furniture Mart

My beloved turquoise dresser in the corner no longer looks good on the carpet, but I will find another home for it!



End cap kit for stairs

I will tell you that we really wanted to put wood endcaps on the ends of our steps right where the arrow is pointing to.  But we had an awful time finding someone to put them in for us.

And then we realized that since our next big project is replacing our hardwood floors (goodbye forever golden oak floors), that maybe we needed to see what color our new wood floor will be anyway. Nebraska Furniture Mart also told me that we can totally put those end caps in later after the new carpet if we want.  Good to know.



Shaw flooring on steps

Here is another view. I love how the gray makes all my colors pop.




Turners Point carpet

And little by little we continue to make progress in the direction of “going gray”.

If you are interested in checking out Nebraska Furniture Mart’s carpets, go HERE.

The carpet in this post was provided by Nebraska Furniture Mart but all opinions in this post are my own. And we are regular shoppers at NFM!!!













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