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moss covered monogram

I have got a slight moss obsession going on right now. Ever since I made this moss covered mannequin…. I just can’t quit. Nothing is safe in my home.

Last week I made this monogram for my front door and I want to give you the quick instructions!




This was a door hanging that I got from Hobby Lobby many moons ago. Look close, you can see how the ring around the “A” is broken in 2 spots. #kids . God bless ’em.

So I decided to covered the whole thing in moss.




moss covered door hanging

I started with a roll of moss from Hobby Lobby.  And I cut some of it into narrow strips.

I personally LOVE the moss rolls. I think they are easier to work with, the moss stays green longer and… it cuts so easy!!!



gluing moss to letter

And I literally hot glued it to the monogram.

Now listen. You know I always share with you my #hotmess moments, right?  You know, the things I wish I had done and the mistakes I made during my project.



glueing moss to letter

Well as I was trying to hot glue the edges of the monogram with moss…. it became incredibly obvious to me that I should have SPRAY PAINTED the monogram GREEN first. For the love…. why didn’t I think of that until it was too late???

So definitely, paint yours green FIRST.


moss diy project

Also, I will warn you that the moss is messy. Really messy. Like “making Mr Magic twitch” kind of messy.  Just giving you a head’s up. All good DIY’s come with a price. And the price of this one is “messiness”.



moss covered door initial

But isn’t that stinking cute???  I love how fresh and crisp it looks on my front door!  Would love if you pinned the pic!

Also, I did do a Facebook LIVE video that you can watch HERE or below with me mossing things like a maniac. Lol. Be amused.

Happy mossing!


PS…. For those of you asking about signing up for my Facebook LIVEs …. go to my Facebook page HERE, go to “MORE”, go to “NOTIFICATIONS”, go to “EDIT NOTIFICATIONS” and make sure the “VIDEOS” are checked!  Then you’ll be notified whenever I am crafting LIVE. This video had over 18K views and we had a great time!

I’d love to see you there!




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