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living room with off white couch, colorful decorations, and fuschia rug

I’m semi-obsessed with rugs. They’re just such a fun way to add color to your house and I can’t stand lounging on a bare floor. I really like having texture and coziness under my feet. Don’t you??!?

So, I have a rug in nearly every room in the house.

Recently, we decided to get a more colorful rug for our living room. I wanted something with some pops of fuchsia and navy so it would match our kitchen cabinets. So, I went looking on the internet for ideas. And maybe some of you are like me… and whenever you find something, you narrow it down to your top favorites. There were SEVERAL rugs that would have worked really well in the space, but at the end of the day, I had to make a decision. And let me tell ya, friend. I absolutely LOVE what we decided on. 

colorful living room rug by jennifer allwood

jennifer allwood's colorful living room rug 

Isn’t she GORGEOUS?!?! I even love the pops of orange!!

You can find this beauty on Amazon! And… it’s PRIME! Check out my affiliate link HERE.

closeup view of fuschia, blue, and orange living room rug by jennifer allwood


Here were some of the other contenders we found when we were out shopping for the perfect colorful rug. All of these would be BEAUUUTIFUL in a living room space. Simply click on the rug you like to be taken to that website!!

Many of you know that we moved last year, but the rug in our formal dining area in our old house is gorgeous, too! That rug is the same one in my feminine home office because I JUST LOVE it that much.

dog laying on colorful rug in jennifer allwood's home office

If you love it too, find it on Home Depot’s website HERE. P.S. Isn’t Stella a great model?!

Friends… I hope this gave you a little inspiration to add a little COLOR and cozy in your home! Rugs are one of my all-time favorite ways to transform a room.




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favorite colorful rugs pinterest graphic by jennifer allwood


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  • Cindy S Guerra says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I love your choice in rugs! Thanks for sharing. I was interested in the living room
    rugs. It said to click on the rug and it would take me to the website. I really like the bottom (Blu and pink) in the middle, but when I click on it…I’ll I get is the picture. Do you happen to remember where you found it?
    Thanks so much for your help!

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