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rustic wood wall in teenage sons bedroom by jennifer allwood

Wood walls are all the rage right now and I’M HERE FOR IT. It’s just such a fun way to add texture.

So, for another Allwood Home Remodel project, we wanted one in Easton’s bedroom!

I called up my girl, Tracey from Tracey’s Fancy… she actually did Easton’s wood wall in our old home (check that out HERE) and she just does an amazing job. 

The wood wall is made up of thin wood planks. Tracey paints them, stains them, and then sends them to you. She also sends a cheat sheet that’s like a jigsaw puzzle. You put them up in order (#1 starts up in the corner, then you put on #2, and so on). She makes it soooo stinkin’ easy.

instructions for how to hang up each piece of the wood wall by jennifer allwood

We literally just put them up with a nail gun… we were able to finish the wood wall in 3 hours! How cool is that?!

father and teenage son hanging wood wall by jennifer allwood

teenage son using a nail gun to hang wood to the wall by jennifer allwood

Tracey puts a couple of cuts on each piece, so in case you make a mistake or measure incorrectly, there’s an extra couple of inches to spare. So, we would just trim that off with a saw. It was soooo quick and simple. My kind of project!!!

father and son making progress on the wood wall project in jennifer allwood's home

If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see the process in LIVE ACTION with Mr. Magic and Easton on my Stories. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, click HERE


I just filmed them while I had my feet up! Lol!

father and son creating a wood wall in teenage sons bedroom while wife watches

As for the rest of the room, we kept it super neutral to go along with the different shades of wood!

full view of teenage sons bedroom with wood wall and rustic decor by jennifer allwood

Do you see that little table by the edge of Easton’s bed? Did you know those are called “C” tables?! Mr. Magic made it and you can learn how to make your own HERE.

neutral bedroom with rustic decorations and a wood accent wall by jennifer allwood

Easton’s bedding is UGG Collection (like the boots!), and 3 of my kids have UGG bedding because we’re all obsessed with it! So warm. So cozy. So perfect for winter!

The bed was given to us from Nebraska Furniture Mart, and that’s also on my blog from a couple of years ago! Check it out HERE.

closeup view of wood wall in teenage sons bedroom by jennifer allwood

The cowhide pillows are actually really old. I think they were from Target several years ago. Check out these similar options from Wayfair HERE  and Bed Bath & Beyond HERE. There’s also a really fun print on Amazon that has much more brown in it. See those HERE.

One thing I’m wanting to add to his room is an old fashioned basketball hoop on the wall! I think a vintage piece like that would look soooo cool with the rest of the colors and textures in his room. Currently, him and I are arguing about this. #MomAgainstTeen Haha! He doesn’t want it but I think it would be AWESOME. So, we’re trying to figure that out.

All in all, the wood wall obsession is real, my friends! I just love how Easton’s room has turned out so far.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to find out about future Allwood Home Remodel projects… we’re currently working on the basement and I’m sharing loooots of behind-the-scenes throughout the process!


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how to put up a wood wall in under 3 hours pinterest graphic by jennifer allwood

wood wall jennifer allwood

wood wall jennifer allwood



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