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red fuschia and gold ornaments on the christmas tree by jennifer allwood

Most people know, we moved this year!! So we’re in a new house that we have been remodeling and it’s been sooo much fun… especially to decorate for each season! 

I noticed something when we started to decorate for Christmas this year. Our 7.5 foot Christmas tree from our old house looked sooo small and short in our new home! So, we went about the work of trying to find a new tree! We knew we wanted one in the family room and our ceilings in there are 11.5 foot tall. I wanted something as tall as possible, but I didn’t want it to take up a TON of space.

So, I was looking for a 10 foot tall, SKINNY tree so it would fit nicely in the corner. I also wanted something pre-lit because ain’t nobody got time to be putting lights on their tree and making sure they all work! I also wanted to try a flocked tree this year.

Well, we found out that pretty difficult to find. We went to Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Lowe’s, At Home, and Target looking for a 10 foot, skinny, pre-lit, flocked Christmas tree. We couldn’t find one ANYWHERE. I documented all of this on Instagram and someone sent me a DM to check with Hay Needle! Come to find out, they had what I considered to be THE. PERFECT. TREE.

It’s literally everything I wanted: 10 foot, skinny, pre-lit, and flocked. I ordered it and it came immediately!!! *this is not a sponsored post!* When we put the tree up, it was PERFECT.

tall, skinny, flocked christmas tree with colorful ornaments by jennifer allwood

However, it’s sold out right now, so I found a similar one from Hay Needle HERE. It’s not flocked, so if you have your heart set on that, check out this 9.5 foot, flocked, skinny tree from Amazon HERE. And HERE is another similar version from Home Depot.

So, we love, love, loved our tree from Hay Needle. But Mr. Magic reaaaally wanted to put it on a spinner. We had a spinner on our old Christmas tree and we all loved it. It’s so fun to watch it turn in circles and see the light and sparkle catch on each ornament.

Since we have a much bigger house this year, we decided to put another Christmas tree in our bedroom and keep that one for more of the kids’ personal ornaments that they made in pre-school. We wanted to keep the Christmas tree in our family room a little more classic-looking. So, we used all of our decorations from last year from Hobby Lobby and Pier One. Check out that blog post HERE.

Most of those decorations are red, and once I got all of it out to decorate again this year, I realized I didn’t love TONS of red with the amount of fuchsia I have all over the new home. So, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought lots of fuchsia glitter balls (see HERE and HERE) and put them all on the tree with the red. That totally helped to make the entire Christmas tree go with all of my existing decor. 

I just LOVE the combination of hot pink and red together. It’s so fun.

fuschia red and gold ornaments on jennifer allwood christmas tree beautiful red, fushcia, gold, and silver ornaments on a themed christmas tree by jennifer allwood


So, we now have a 10 foot, skinny, pre-lit, flocked Christmas tree on a spinner…. It took HOURS of searching but it was all worth it, my friends.

If you want to see the rest of our colorful Christmas decorations throughout the new house, check out that blog post HERE.

I hope you have the merriest Christmas season this year. Blessings to you!!!




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