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ombre painted pallet for fall porch decor

I am convinced that painted pallet projects for your front porch are one of the easiest, cheapest ways to add a ton of color to your home and make a huge statement!  I had made a patriotic pallet flag project for the 4th of July that you can see here.  I was a little sad when I took it down, so I decided to do a new pallet project just for FALL. And this time it would be a gorgeous ombre painted pallet.



ombre painted pallet for fall porch decor

I started with a pallet that I got from a new construction site. My husband, Mr. Magic, took all of the slats off of the pallet and re-nailed them back on with the slats close together. I’m not lying friends, this is harder than it sounds.  Thank God for Mr Magic.  He did take some slats from the back of the pallet and put those on the front too so that it has wood from top to bottom on the frame all butted up to each other.

So when I started, the pallet looked like this. I rummaged thru my studio until I found some autumn looking colors that I wanted to use on the ombre painted pallet.



ombre painted pallet colors

I was going for an ombre gradient effect on this project, so I selected all latex paints in a white, a soft yellow, a light orange, a sweet potato color, a red and I left the bottom slat brown.  I literally just dry brushed the paint on and did not give it a lot of time or thought. Some of the paint was satin, some flat and the white was even primer. None of that really matters. And, if you are not a paint hoarder like myself, you can always go buy sample quarts from a paint store! You will use VERY LITTLE paint on this ombre painted pallet.



ombre painted pallet autumn colors

So when it was finished, the ombre painted pallet looked like this.  Notice I was living on the edge with no drop cloth and no spills. We call that #winning .



ombre painted pallet stained

After the paint dried, I used some stain on the edges of each slat because the stain just ages the paint and helps it to not look brand new. I used Old Masters Gel Stain because I had it, but you could use any stain to “dirty up the edges”. I mixed it with a little paint thinner so it wasn’t so thick and would go on a little thinner.


I have this quick video showing you how I stained the slats on the ombre painted pallet! It’s quick and easy and an optional step!




ombre painted pallet with banner

Next, I found a fall banner already made at Hobby Lobby. I love DIY projects, but there is no sense in making a banner if you can buy one for $4 already made! =) So I attached that to the corner of the ombre painted pallet.



ombre painted pallet with grapevine wreath

Then I hung an old grapevine wreath on the ombre painted pallet from a nail.



ombre painted pallet with lights

We added a pot full of tall sticks with Christmas lights wrapped thru them to the side of the pallet. I wanted to add that to the decor because at night it looks so super soft and fall-ish!  It’s yummy at night!


ombre painted pallet for fall porch decor

I threw in a few pumpkins and old crates and coffee sack and we were done!



I Periscoped about this project (yes, I’m addicted to scoping. Find me on Periscope at @jenallwood)  and got the age-old question of “where is the fine line between gorgeous and gaudy?”.   Ha, I’m not the girl to ask! I will always say “go big or go home!”.  But I address that question in this Facebook video.



ombre painted pallet for fall

So there you go, an idea for your front steps using a DIY ombre painted pallet.

Kansas City locals….. I am going to be throwing a LIVE pallet painting party in Smithville this month!!!  THIS is one the options of pallets you may want to duplicate!  We are getting dates together and watch for my email soon!  I’d love to have you there! Wahooooooo!

Also, if you haven’t signed up for my ONLINE painting party….. go here NOW! I’m gonna give you the swift kick you need to get something painted in your house before the holidays!

As always, feel free to pin these pictures and this project will be on my Pinterest page tomorrow!

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Happy fall y’all,


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