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Captain America pumpkin for boy

One of our sons is OBSESSED with superheroes.

And I am OBSESSED with painting pumpkins.

So when he asked me to paint him a  “superhero pumpkin“, I was excited!




Captain America pumpkin inspiration | The Magic Brush

I don’t like to hand paint much, so I was looking for the super hero with the EASIEST emblem that I could stencil. And what is easier than circles, right? So I picked Captain America!

I used one of his t-shirts as a guide on how to paint this.



Captain America pumpkin polka dot stencils

I already had a stencil set of various sized polka dots. You can get stencils like this on my affiliate link HERE.  This made the project much easier!



Captain American pumpkin paints

I used navy, white and red craft paints.



Captain America pumpkin

I started by getting a WHITE pumpkin (because that makes it easier so you don’t have to paint the white ring). And, I got a pumpkin that was relatively smooth, which makes the painting wayyyyyyy easier.  So get a white, round, smooth pumpkin for this Captain America pumpkin.

Start by putting a small circle stencil on the middle of the pumpkin. I used 3M’s 77 adhesive spray to stick it on. I painted that in the navy craft paint and let it dry.

Then, I used the next stencil size up (pictured here) and stuck that on the pumpkin.



Captain America pumpkin circle

I used an angled paint brush and my red craft paint to 1/2 stencil (the outside of the ring) and 1/2 hand painted (the inside near the blue) the next circle. This step also covered some of the navy bleeds that I had from the last step.




Captian America pumpkin

When I was finished, it looked like this. Like an eyeball. Or a bulls-eye. Scary.



Captain America pumpkin

Then I had to keep using the next size up stencil to make the next ring which ended up looking like this.

After it was all dried, I hand-painted the star on the inside.



Captain America pumpkin | The Magic BrushI had to get my son’s t-shirt back out to make sure I got the star painting right and since that was hand painted, it wasn’t perfect. But as you can see, he was thrilled.

And then there’s #ohAva.  God bless it.


Captain America pumpkin display

This is a super fun Captain America pumpkin for the superhero lover in your life and waaaaaaaaay easier than trying to paint some of the other superhero emblems. I have it pinned for you HERE.

Happy painting!


If you’re looking for more superheroes in your child’s life, check out my decoupaged superhero dresser! It’s an awesome DIY project for any superhero fan’s bedroom! And goes nicely with a painted Captain America pumpkin!

And if you’re looking to paint more pumpkins – I have a ton of ideas for you. One of my favorite is my fancy smancy polka dot pumpkin.

Please pin my Captain America pumpkin! and while you’re there, follow my fall decorating board with tons of painted pumpkin ideas.

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