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Today is the podcast about podcasting! I think it is well past time for some of you to start a podcast and if you’ve been on the fence I need you to listen to today’s episode. We are talking about the reasons it might be time to start a podcast, and also the benefits to having a podcast!
[1:20] Have you toyed with the idea of a podcast?
[2:14] Why a podcast might be worth considering
[2:32] Reason #1 it might be good to start a podcast
[3:32] It’s like a business card
[4:34] It’s not a way to make quick money
[6:42] Why my podcast doesn’t really make money
[8:02] Reason #2 you should start a podcast
[9:00] The type of people who listen to podcasts
[11:25] Your ideal client could be a podcast listener

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