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There are some things you can do if you need to make money quickly in business! And I’m allllll about multiple streams of income! BUT, there are things to NOT do if you need to make money quick in your business! Today I’m giving you the top 3 things to not do if you need money quick!

Hit the Highlights

[1:32] I believe in making money a lot of ways, but…
[1:51] Don’t publish a book if you need money quick
[2:21] Publishing a book traditionally vs. self-publishing
[4:59] Don’t start a podcast if you need money quick
[5:16] How podcasts make money
[6:42] Why my podcast doesn’t really make money
[7:02] Don’t start a blog if you need money quick
[9:00] The type of people who listen to podcasts
[9:25] Things you CAN do

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