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A precious lady inside of my Better Way Program had a question this week that we were able to help her work through. She was trying to decide if she should do a cupcake or a cake membership. That question got me thinking though, most of the time the problem isn’t actually the problem. When we aren’t making these decisions it is a false sense of safety. In business you are constantly making decisions and you have to stop overthinking things.

Hit the Highlights

[1:54] A question from the Better Way Program
[2:50] Cupcakes vs Cakes
[3:37] The decision isn’t actually the decision
[4:34] A false sense of safety
[5:25] You have to be able to make decisions
[6:04] Decide and go
[7:43] There is a sense of urgency
[8:58] Faith without works is dead
[10:21] You don’t trust yourself enough…

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