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I went rogue for today’s podcast episode! Listen, it’s never going to be the right time to get started, so just get started! The gifts and knowledge God has given you, it’s not just for you! Today we’re talking about confidence and courage. Sometimes you need to hear the truth in a different way, and today that’s what I’m going to do today. Let’s talk about why you don’t actually need confidence.

Hit the Highlights

[0:39] Someone needs your message[3:06] Talking about confidence and courage
[3:39] Sometimes you need to hear the truth in a different way
[4:54] Let’s talk about courage
[5:25] I’m not going to pray that you have confidence
[6:04] You’re only confident after you do something
[7:14] You don’t need to be confident, you need to be courageous
[9:39] The second DM that got my blood pressure up
[10:21] If you’re worried about what your friends and family are thinking…

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