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What if no one buys from me?! That’s a great question, friends, and one I get asked a lot!  The root of this particular worry, is fear. Fear is behind so so many things, and the truth is, when you’re rolling out something new, it’s so normal to go through something that feels like walking a battlefield. But let me ask you this, what is the worst thing that can happen if no one actually buys from you? Let’s talk about that today…the answer might surprise you.

Hit the Highlights

[03:31] Shifting and pivoting example
[06:40] Feelings are not a good indicator of truth
[08:15] What’s the worst thing that can happen if no one buys?
[09:00] Sales are only data

“This podcast is what I look forward to on my 40-minute drive to and from work. This podcast has also changed my business and encouraged my mom to start her own business as well!”

Listener: HelloDollFacePodcast Review: “Faith Based and Raw!”
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