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There are definitely times in business when sales are fantastic and all the world is right…but when they dip (and they will) there are a few things to look at. Listen, it’s the nature of doing business, but there are definitely certain action items I give when there is a dip in sales and that’s exactly what I’m talking about on today’s podcast. Join me!


Hit the Highlights
(03:00) Psychology in pricing
(04:15) Let’s talk about underwater basketweaving
(06:00) The right thing at the right time to the right audience
(07:15) Are your rates where they should be?
(09:15) How are you interacting with your audience?


Podcast Review: “Perfect Timing”
Listener: AmyGreen2804

“I found Jennifer’s podcast at a time when my husband and I were talking about taking my side business to another level. Every episode I’ve listened to has been meaningful, actionable and I feel like she’s talking right to me. After a week or so, she opened her Mastermind and I joined! I’m so excited to see where the next year takes me.”


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