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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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Learning to keep peace within ourselves is soooo important right now, friends! We need to give each other, but even more importantly ourselves, some serious grace. For some that is very hard. We expect our situation to be a certain way, but 2020 had a few other plans. It’s tough…this life right now is tough! There’s lots going on besides corona that has our hearts and brains on overdrive. So surround yourself with people, things, and ideas that are leading you towards the direction you want your life to go! Be gentle with yourself and those around you. Learn to lower your expectations. We are all trying to learn, adjust, and do the best we can during this time!

5 Action Steps

1. Forget About Balance
2. Protect Your Mental Health
3. Drop The Shame
4. Check who you are surrounding yourself with
5. Lower your expectations

Hit the Highlights

[6:55]  Setting boundaries
[7:30] If it’s costing your peace, it’s too expensive
[8:45] When we are consumed with guilt and shame, we are always consumed with ourselves
[11:00] Junk in, Junk out
[16:00] We are all adjusting to this thing called life in 2020

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