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I am seeing on social media lately what I am calling productivity shaming. There are those that are saying everyone needs to use this “gift” of time to be doing something big like losing weight or cleaning out your whole house. I have been reminded that God does not have all of us in the same season. Some of us are in a season of rest while others are in a season of running! We need to honor God by honoring the season He has us in.

Which Season Are You In?

  • You may be in a season of rest if…
    • Your calendar is wide open and you can’t make anything happen.
    • You are trying to make things happen and everything is heavy and hard.
    • You are getting bitter.
    • Nothing is working.
  • You may be in a season of running if…
    • There are open doors all over the place.
    • You feel exhilarated and not exhausted.

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