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What is Clubhouse?

It’s basically if Zoom and Voxer had a baby! Another comparison would be a live podcast, or doing a Facebook or Instagram live without the video.
Users of Clubhouse can drop in and voice chat with thousands of people about whatever topic interests them. The people hosting the conversation are called “Speakers” and everyone else listening are under “others that are in the room.”

So how do I get an invite?

Right now Clubhouse is in its early adopter stages, so it’s super exclusive! You have to be invited to join – and invites are scarce! If you want to give an invite, here’s how you do it:
  • The more you participate and engage, the more invites you’ll be given. It shows who invited you on your profile, so only invite people who you will be okay with your name will be tied to them and their behavior.

What do I do in Clubhouse?

The main way to use clubhouse is by dropping in and out of rooms with topics that interest you. Here’s the step-by-step on how to actually do it:
  1. Click the calendar on top to see what rooms are live
  2. Pick the topic you are interested in
  3. When you go in the room your mic is automatically muted so don’t worry about people hearing you!
  4. Only the moderators, aka “speakers” have control.
  5. Raise your hand and moderators can call you in as a speaker on the ‘stage’
  6. When you want to exit a room, hit “leave quietly”
  7. If you follow a club, you’ll be notified when a room is happening.

Clubhouse Rooms 101

  • Every Clubhouse can create a club/room! It can be spontaneous or scheduled. If you schedule it, your followers can add it to their calendar and be notified when you’re live.
  • If you want someone to join in on your room, ping your followers to invite them.
  • To create your own clubhouse, you have to apply on the clubhouse website. Think of this like a private Facebook group. Having your own Clubhouse  is different than a hosting a room.
  • If you become a member of a club, you can host a room for that clubhouse. However, you won’t be able to if the founder of the club sets it up to only allow the admin to host a room.

How can I use Clubhouse to grow my biz?

  • If you want to grow your biz or following on Clubhouse, it’s important to have a killer bio! Make sure your bio states clearly what you do and who you serve.
  • Humble brag a lot! If you have been featured in the media, have followers on other platforms, or anything else that sets you apart, you are going to want to say it in your bio!
  • Hashtags don’t matter, EMOJIs are KEY! Use emojis like you would use SEO. Emojis are how people search to find you, so you want lots of them in your bio!
  • Links don’t work in Clubhouse. Still include yours, but keep it short and simple.
  • Your handle is searchable and SEO optimized. So make sure yours is your industry or what you want to be known for! If you are a wreath maker, make yours @wreathmakerrachel. The limit is 15 characters and you can only change it twice, so choose wisely.
  • Aside from the logistics of creating a bigger platform, Clubhouse is a great networking opportunity!
  • You literally have personal, free access to experts across whatever industry you can think of! THIS ALONE IS HUGE!
  • Use it as a way to listen in on thought leaders
  • Use this as a way to become a thought leader in your space.
  • Use rooms to expand your authority on other forms of social media.


You can’t DM someone on clubhouse. Make sure you connect your Instagram or Twitter account for people to reach you! When you are in a room, you can say “if you have a question you want for me to answer, send me a DM on Instagram. It’s a great way to get followers there as well.

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