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Tumblers turned 6 figures. Friends, all the things are possible in business. Today, on the podcast, I have a fantastic conversation with 6 figure earner, Ashlee Fay. Ashlee built a very successful biz with a negative bank account and has a true testimony to how hard work and perseverance pays off. God will absolutely make something out of nothing when you put it in His hands…this episode is a must-listen!

Hit the Highlights

[03:03] Meet Ashlee Fay
[07:05] You don’t need permission
[08:30] Building a biz from a negative account
[10:25] Leveling up when things get hard
[12:50] How tumblers turned to teaching
[16:00] Sharing real struggle has power
[17:00] Overcoming self-doubt
[21:30] Involving our kids in the business process

All About Ashlee

Ashlee Fay Branstetter is the creator of, Ashlee Fay Designs, The Purpose Journal, the Embrace Your Ambition podcast & Conference, The Ashlee Fay App (for live sales and all of your DIY supplies), and Ashlee Fay Academy.

With a humbling -$54 in her bank account, she courageously decided to go all-in on Ashlee Fay Designs, which was then just a small side-hustle designing tumblers, shirts, and bows. In only three years, that humble side hustle has evolved into a thriving, multiple six-figure shopping network. All of her entrepreneurial accomplishments she has achieved while remaining a dedicated mother to three young daughters and managing the challenges that come with having a husband in the Special Forces.

Knowing what it was like to feel stuck, broken, and at rock-bottom, Ashlee made it her mission to inspire women to courageously step into the plan that God has for each of them. Ashlee strives to help female entrepreneurs start and evolve their business so they can find purpose, passion, and profits. And add GOD into businesses.

She loves sharing her story as guest to bring hope and courage to women on other podcasts and platforms.

She is a motivational speaker and available for events.

Ashlee’s current focus is on the Embrace Your Ambition movement with partner Marcus black. EYA is a faith based personal development experience traveling the US to bring hope and faith to people and businesses.

Visit Ashlee Fay Designs
Visit Embrace Your Ambition

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