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Friends, I am sooo excited to share some basement progress with you now that all the hardscapes are done!

In our house growing up, my brother and I both had bedrooms in the basement of our home. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, a lot of basements were dark and dingy. So, when Jason and I were talking about things that were important to us in the basement, it was critical to me that ours didn’t feel dark and dungeon-y. It was so important to me to have a light, bright space… so that’s why we did light walls and really fun colors and patterns, which you got a sneak peek of on my Facebook post here! I’m majorly thankful for TONS of windows in our basement to bring in that natural light!

Bright and Light Basement Remodel with Black Fireplace and Large Windows

So, we have this black wall that’s made of plywood and it’s this really cool, modern fireplace insert. You can find it on Wayfair HERE (my affiliate link!)

Fun note: That black wall is a “dummy wall” and it actually swings open for a hidden space behind it. Be sure to subscribe to my email list to hear what we’ve got back there!

bright and light basement with luxury vinyl flooring

The floors are Luxury Vinyl from Nebraska Furniture Mart. We did this because the basement goes right out to the swimming pool and the floor is definitely going to get wet. So, Luxury Vinyl was a good choice because it’s super durable. Read the full blog post on the flooring HERE.

The ceiling and wall color are Sherwin-Williams Eider White. We didn’t do any trim on the ceilings just because we wanted it to be a really seamless transition, and I’m really happy with how it turned out!!

The baseboard trim is Sherwin-Williams Mindful Grey. I have used Mindful Grey on walls before and I admit, I don’t always love it because sometimes it will lean more on the green or taupe side. But I’ve realized that I reallyyyy like Mindful Grey for trim. We wanted our basement to stay super light, so it turned out to be a perfect choice.

Bright Basement with Barn Beams and Fireplace

Our contractor, David Nelson with, built the faux beams, which I’m totally in love with. 

Bright Basement Room Facing Fireplace

And do you see this awesome gold ceiling fan?! Give me all things gold and shiny!!! You can find it through my affiliate link HERE!

Colorful and Light Basement Remodel

Now, onto the other side of the room, when you’re looking toward the kitchen! The steps are made of repurposed wood and our builder did some really cool spindles. They are also being installed upstairs as we speak!

We have two built-in bookcases and one of them open and closes into our storage room!

light and bright basement with built in bookcases

This is the part of the basement where the “fun” is going to happen! We have a pool table, a tv, and a small kitchen.

Bright Basement Area with Pool Table and TV

A tonnnn of you have asked about the kitchen in our basement, and why we decided to put the sink right next to the stove. Well, we didn’t want to take up a lot of space with an island, but we wanted to make sure any family members or guests would be totally set up to live comfortably down here. That meant we wanted easy access to a stove, sink, dishwasher, microwave, etc. We would rather have a really compact kitchen than take up a lot of the kids’ space for play and fun. And since we have a large outdoor eating area, we really didn’t need A TON of cabinet space or room for food storage in the basement kitchen.

Basement Kitchen Remodel with Bright Blue Cabinets and Geometric Tile Backsplash

So, needless to say, I am OBSESSED with our fun, colorful, compact kitchen. I love that it’s just taking up one wall. That big punch of color is called Lagoon! Even the name is fun… I love it!

This geometric tile is from The Tile Shop. That table you see on the left turned out to be too small, so we’re having a bigger custom table built out of reclaimed wood. We had talked about putting a fireplace in this area, but the truth is, we have sooo many fireplaces in this house already. I just couldn’t handle putting another one in. LOL.

Bright Blue Kitchen Cabinets in Basement Remodel

So, Jason had the idea of doing a banquet table with some great lights above it. It will be perfect for the kids to sit and play cards or games at. You can see photos of that, along with some of our other basement decorations HERE.

There ya have it, my friends! I’m so excited about our fun basement area and I. CAN’T. WAIT. to have friends and family over for fun days by the pool! 

More updates to come… Make sure you’re following along on my Instagram and Facebook ‘cuz you’ll be the first to know about more updates!


Loving this colorful, glam space? Save this on Pinterest for some inspiration!

Bright, Colorful Basement Remodel!


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