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I wanted to share with you a bathroom that my team just completed faux finishing. These pictures just don’t do the room justice! Plus… I wish I could show you what’s behind Door #1. It’s the master closet that most dreams are made of. Aaaaahhhhhhhh……. someday.

This wall finish is a gorgeous combination of Faux Effect’s metallic plasters and lusterstone. It is beautiful on it’s own. But the beads just kick it up a notch. We used both bronze and gold beads to tie in with the tile on the jacuzzi tub.

I hope you can see the beads better in the closeup photo.

I saw a bathroom last year that had a beaded stencil. It was just an incredible finish and I had not seen anything like it. But, when we tried to duplicate the finish, we were in bead hell. I swore we would not do it again because we struggled with a good way of attaching the beads to the stencil. We tried Modge Podge, 3M’s 777 spray, clearcoats, prayer for miracles….

But, Joy, who works for me…… (everyone say hello to Joy)

…figured out an awesome way to attach them on this job! And it was FAST!!!!! Not only is she gorgeous folks …. but she is a genius! Thank you Joy! They look beautiful!

P.S. If you know me, you know I adore chandeliers. Check out that bad boy back in my first picture. It is fantastic!


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