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My straw saga continues

By February 10, 200911 Comments
In case you are all contemplating a straw faux finish in your house anytime soon… (ha!)… I have learned a few things that I thought I would pass along. Hilde would be so proud….

#1) Altho’ I was so excited to learn Michaels Craft Store carried mini bales of hay… It just isn’t the same as the real thing! My hunka-hunka-husband drove to somewhere in the country and got me the real deal for my new sample. The designer said my strands of hay needed to be longer with fewer of them. She was right. Many of you also gave me the same suggestion! You are all so smart!

#2) The designer asked me to try painting over the straw with the wall color from the kitchen. I like it. You can still see the straw, but it’s an improvement over leaving the joint compound white.

#3) The designer also asked me to try one last sample with the straw, with the wall color and with a glaze. I actually used a stain on it instead of a glaze and I think it is LOVELY. This is where I say “oooohhhh -aaaaahhhhh” …..

What a cool job I have! I actually get paid to smash straw into plaster. Who woulda thunk it????

I am giving the samples back to the designer tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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