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Baseball Curtains 8


Mr. Magic and I recently, by pure accident, came up with the idea to use a real baseball as a curtain rod finial in our son’s bedroom remodel.  We have been working on updating his walls and bedding which mean his curtains needed switched out too.


baseball curtain rod

This was his old curtain rod and curtains. See how there is a blue ball finial on the ends of the rod?  Well somehow, by complete accident…. one of those blue balls got broken off of the rod.

When I began to hot glue the blue ball back on…. inspiration struck. I could make baseball curtains!

The blue balls were about the same size as a baseball. Since Noah is the baseball player in the house…. plus his new bedding is MLB themed, I asked Mr Magic to figure out a way to use real baseballs on the ends of his rod.

And I love what he did.


(Note: this post does contain affiliate links to the products we are using in his room)

Baseball Curtain Rod Finial | The Magic Brush, inc.

My man is a genius. He drilled a pilot hole into a baseball and used that threaded screw thing (a furniture screw?) you see here to go in the hole.


Baseball Curtain Rod Finial | The Magic Brush, inc.

At the end of the twisting in it got a little tight, so that’s what the pliers are for.  And I love how he perffffffffffffffectly centered the screw on the ball. He knows me. That kind of stuff matters!



Baseball Curtain Rod Finial | The Magic Brush, inc.

He made sure the screw was the right size to screw into the opening that was left when the cup that the finial used to be glued into was removed.


Baseball Curtain Finials Before the Magic Brush Inc.

It worked so perfectly!!!! Mr Magic did this  Facebook LIVE video  showing a little more clearly how easy this project was! Go take a watch!

When we got the rod hung up, I realized I hated the color of old white rings that I was trying to reuse next to the worn looking color of the baseballs. I talked all about it on this Facebook LIVE video. (and yes, I was standing on my son’s bed with a tripod for that entire video. Lol.)



Baseball Curtain Rod Finial | The Magic Brush, inc.

A quick trip to Target got me these smaller, more subtle curtain rings.



Baseball Curtain Rod Finial | The Magic Brush, inc.

And I love, love, love how the silver rings look.



BaseBall Curtain Finial before & After | The Magic Brush Inc.

See the big white rings??? Overbearing! The silver ones… much better and it helped to hide the window trim.



Baseball Curtains 4

So here are his new curtains  and the baseball rod now. Love how they coordinate with the bedding.



Baseball Curtain Rod Finial | The Magic Brush, inc.

The room is coming together nicely.  And this weekend is dedicated to painting a baseball on this headboard wall. I pinkie swear it’s going to happen. Stay tuned.

If you love DIY baseball projects, I have a ton of other ideas for you! Check out my Royal’s front porch decor, which you can customize for your own MLB or local team. I have also made a Baseball Wreath and Baseball Home Plate for my front door.  Pluse I’ve made these gorgeous baseball cuffs – because mom of ballplayers need a little baseball bling.

And if you’re looking for more curtain advice and easy home improvements, watch my free video of 10 tips for updating your home. These are quick cosmetic tips that will make a big difference in your living spaces.

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