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We spent all of last week exploring southern California as a family. It was an incredible adventure and we were so blessed to get to go!

We colloborated with Kia again this year for our rental car on vacation. They were such rockstars when we vacationed in Florida last year that I was eager to work with them again on the west coast.

And again…. they did not disappoint! Their customer service is blogworthy!!!!!





I was very non-specific about the vehicle we needed when arranging it with Kia. I told them we had a family of 5 and needed something to fit both us and our 5983 suitcases. They brought us a 2016 Kia Sorento that looked exactly like this one. It was gorgeous….. but we figured out the first day that I should have mentioned we need a third seat for our kiddos.

Does anyone else have kids that CAN’T KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF EACH OTHER in the vehicle???  For the love.

There was elbowing and fighting for middle and…. you parents get it.

Both of our teen boys are nearing 6 feet in height so in their defense, they ARE big guys and do need more room.

So I called Kia and begged them for another vehicle with a 3rd seat for our kids.  It was necessary to keep peace in the family.

You guys. Kia brought me out a 2016 Sedona the same day.

Like they drove it to our townhouse.

On a Sunday evening!

Some Kia angel left a BBQ he was at with friends and family just to drive the vehicle out to us in person.

Who does that??????

That kind of customer service just blows me away.  All of us business owners can learn from that!!!!!




So this is what we drove for the 8 days that  we were in La Jolla!




We have never had a mini van but seriously, I would totally drive this back home in Kansas City. Our kids fit perfectly. It drove amazing. It was soooooooooooooo easy to get our little people in and out of. And the arguing and elbowing ceased. Thank you Jesus!!!





Their GPS system was INCREDIBLE to have since we visited San Diego, Carlsbad, La Jolla, Pacific Beach and Coronado Island all in the same week and we had no idea where we were going.



Mr Magic’s favorite feature of the vehicle was the HEATED seat button. I would turn on the seat COOLER because now I am addicted to that and when I was not looking….. he would flip it to heat. Like 438 times on this trip I would find my backside on fire. Why is this so funny to husbands?????

And yes, I know we are riding dirty with two, yes two cans of Pringle’s in the front seat. It WAS vacation after all! =)

I just want to give Kia a shout out for their incredible service and the way they take care of their customers. It was an honor to collaborate with them again this year!


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