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So a few weeks ago, I spy this super cute dresser/end table on Craigslist for $50. I call the guy selling it to find out a little bit about the piece and decide that I want it. It’s sturdy, wood and well-made. Perfect!

The seller and I live about 40 minutes away from one another….but he is generous enough to meet me half way to “make the exchange”, so I set up a time to meet that afternoon.

But before I can leave my house, a police officer friend of ours pulls up to say hello. As the neighbors gawk at the squad car in our driveway, we chit chat for a minute until I announce that I have to leave to make a Craigslist purchase.

“Where are you meeting the seller ?” our police friend asks.

“In a McDonald’s parking lot” I answer proudly (it’s a public place….I have been dumb enough to go into homes before).

“No, no, no!!!” he says…..”people get KILLED in McDonald’s parking lots”. He is shaking his head at me as tho’ I should know better.

“Where do I meet him then?” I ask, proudness deflating.

“You need to insist he meet you in a police station parking lot” he says. And goes on to tell me that if people are on the “up and up”, they will have no issue meeting me at a police station.

Well, the seller of the endtable and I had already played phone tag a dozen times that day. I had already switched the time on him once ‘cuz I am flaky like that. And now I was running late ‘cuz I was getting the crapola scared out of me by my cop friend!!!!!!

So I tell my hubby to say a prayer, jump in the truck and I race to the McDonalds with a stomach ache.

I text my husband and let him know when I am there and to call 911 if he can’t reach me in 10 minutes.

At first I see no “man in a white truck”. Of course, at this point I am scouting for a serial killer so I could have easily missed him.

I wait. I wait. I see a man walking nonchalantly to a white truck. Could be him. The nonchalantness could definitely be saying “serial killer”.

He is glancing around for me. Crap it’s him. I have the cash. I want the dresser. So, I get out with my cell phone in hand wondering if I am gonna have to help him load this heavy piece into the back of my truck. I just wanted out of there before I was mince meat.

He sees me. He smiles. He is reaching to get something out of the FRONT of his truck. Could be an ax. OMGosh….it’s my endtable “thing”.

My ‘lil heart was crushed. This big ‘ole burly man is carrying this tiny, weeny table.

It’s like dollhouse furniture size. Or little people-sized. Or Ava-sized.

I am certain he will kill me if I protest that “OBJECTS ON FACEBOOK ARE NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR”.

So I hand him my cash. $50 for doll furniture. I wanted to cry. At this point I would have tipped him just to make it out alive.

I call my husband and forewarn him he just needs to be happy I am coming home.

Next time we meet in a police station.


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  • Traci says:

    I am so glad you are safe. I had never thought about meeting in a police parking lot. Great idea.

  • Mel says:

    Your message of safety is not lost on me, but I can’t stop laughing about your little table!

  • Frugal Jen says:

    Great tip about the police station. I’ve probably committed horrible craiglist no no’s meeting at peoples house or our house! Now I’ll be more careful. I’m too trusting.

    What are you going to do with the little table?

  • Screaming Meme says:

    That was in our newspaper recently. There was a lady who met a man at a park…and got held up…they said to always meet in front of the police station…It makes sense…I will now have to do that…lol Sense I have heard this twice now…:) Thx! and I am glad you are ok!

  • Dana says:

    Such good advice! I just take my hubby with me for back up. You have me giggling about that table. It is cute though! You can work your magic on it and it will be great!

  • Karen says:

    I can’t tell from your photo but could this piece of furniture be a salesman sample? Salesman used to carry around miniature replicas of real furniture to take orders. Is the piece of furniture “real” (wood, old etc)? These salesman samples can be very valuable IF that is what you have on hand! They are hard to find and coveted by antique dealers!

  • Danica says:

    That story is too funny.
    I’m sorry the table wasn’t what you wanted though. 🙁

  • Patti says:

    I have often had people meet me in McD’s parking lot to sell my Craigslist items…and I never once considered killing anyone!! But I do usually take someone along with me…wow, something to consider from now on…and as for your mini chest, I am sure you will do wonders with it!! Good Luck, looking forward to seeing the end result

  • Lena7771 says:

    I love how it reads as a mystery novel!! I am so glad you are safe and sound, but what a lesson about craigslist!! I have never thought about meeting at the Police Station = thank you for the tip!

  • Vintagesouthernlife says:

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience but your post had me in stitches. I have bought several times from C list.The last being a dining rm suite that I had to go to their home. Each time I go my mind races and I have the same thoughts and fears you expressed.
    Thanks for the police station tip!

  • LOVED your post, had me spluttering and giggling at the same time! Just last week, I bought some to-be-upcycled pieces from Kijiji (similar to Craigslist) here in Nova Scotia…went alone to a very seedy part of town…tiny smelly-cat apartment…some very “odd” folks there…LESSON LEARNED…LOVE the idea of meeting at a police station! Thanks for the advice…and the chuckle over my morning coffee!

  • Amy W. says:

    i always ask now for atleast rough measurements that way i can either draw in chalk on my driveway of what the size would approximately be or i can find something similar through out my house. i learned this a couple years ago when i went to purchase to fabulous leather tuffed swivel chairs for a den. um, yeah…they are JUST big enough for my kiddos. sigh. i did like you and changed meeting times/days up so i didn’t have the heart to tell them ‘they weren’t as i imagined, but they are nice’. lol live and learn.

    your mini table is cute tho. 😉

    glad you are safe!

  • Elaine says:

    Thankful you’re safe. All it took for me to stop using Craigslist was one news report of someone being murdered when
    they went to meet the seller. Not for me anymore.

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