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The yellow door in all it’s glory…..

By May 18, 201118 Comments

And here is my new front door…….

Ya’ know….the one my husband asked “is this an ACCENT color or an ACCIDENT color?” God Bless him.

Here is the old door color. Burgundy. Or boring….whichever you prefer to call it.

I about passed out when I started the Sherwin Williams “June Day”…..

But I am seriously digging it right now.

It feels like it says “welcome to my home”…..

Or “welcome to my brothel”……

One or the other.

It’s staying. I’m almost 40 and I can have a gaudy front door if I want to…..

My florals turned out good.

I am still addicted to potato vines again this year .

So……. what do you think?


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