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Top secret table finish

By August 19, 20114 Comments

This is the “before shot” on my clients ordinary formal dining room table.

And this is the SWEEEEEEET “after finish” that my sister in law did for me.

The designer wanted the table to match the trim on the bottom of the chair covers.

I would tell ya all how to do the finish. ‘Cept it’s top secret. So if I told ya, we’d have to kill ya. And it’s hard for me to kill ya’ when my butt is still laying on a beach in Destin this week. Thank goodness for the ability to pre-schedule a blog post, huh?

And the truth is…..there’s alot of steps in this finish.

Some gold paint.
Some green paint.
Some shoe polish.
Some steel wool.

Some topcoating.

Some sanding.


Nice job Miss Jeri on coming up with this finish.

I guess it’s time to get my booty off the beach and learn how to do it!


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